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Page Title: Maintenance Forms, Records and Reports
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TM 11-5820-498-35
d. For applicable forms and records, refer to TM
1-3.3. Destruction of Army Electronics
e. For OA-3633(*)/GRC and AM-2060(*)/GRC differ-
Destruction of Army electronics materiel to prevent
ences, and for differences in equipment and radio con-
enemy use shall be in accordance with TM 750 -244-2.
figurations, refer to paragraph 1-4. (AM-2060(*)/GRC
represents AM-2060/GRC and AM-2060A/GRC.)
1-3.4. Administrative Storage
1-2. Index of Publications
Administrative storage of equipment issued to and
DA Pam 310-4. Refer to latest issue of DA
used by Army activities will have preventive main-
Pam 310-4 to determine whether there are new
tenance performed in accordance with the PMCS
editions, changes, additional publications or
charts before storing. When removing the equipment
m o d i f i c a t i o n work orders pertaining to the
from administrative storage, the PMCS should be per-
formed to assure operational readiness. Disassembly
and repacking of equipment for shipment or limited
1-3. Maintenance Forms, Records and
storage are covered in paragraph 1-3.3, TM
a. Reports of Maintenance and Unsatisfactory
Equipment. Department of the Army forms and pro-
1 - 4 . Differences in Equipment and
cedures used for equipment maintenance will be those
prescribed by TM 38-750, The Army Maintenance
a. The OA-3633/GRC includes Cable Assembly, Spe-
Management System (Army). Air Force personnel will
cial Purpose, Electrical CX-4655/GRC (7 or 11 inches
use AFM 66-1 for maintenance reporting and
long) (fig. 3-5) and Amplifier-Power Supply
TO-00-35D54 for unsatisfactory equipment reporting.
AM-2060/GRC. The OA-3633A/GRC includes the
b. Report of Packaging and Handling Deficiencies.
CX-4655/GRC and AM-2060A/GRC.
Fill out and forward SF-364 (Report of Discrepancy
(1) The AM-2060A/GRC is the same as the
(ROD)) as prescribed in AR 735-11-2/DLAR
AM-2060/GRC except that the A model has added two
4140.55/NAVMATINST 4355.73/AFR 400-54/MCO
filter capacitors C8 and C9 to the 25-5-volt dc input at
connector J3 (fig. 4-9) and the use of a rubber boot for
c. Discrepancy in Shipment Report (DISREP) (SF
the front panel SPKR switch (fig. 3-16). However, on
361). Fill out and forward Discrepancy in Shipment
equipment identified under Contract No. DAAB
Report (DISREP) (SF-361) as prescribed in AR
07-79-C-0068, capacitor C8 was eliminated and diode
CR1, 1N4720 was placed in parallel with C9 (see note
MCOP4610.19C/DLAR 4500.15.
1-3.1. Reporting Errors and Recommend-
(2) Throughout this manual, AM-2060(*)/GRC ap-
ing Improvements
plies to AM-2060/GRC and AM-2060A/GRC unless a
particular model is specified.
You can help improve this manual. If you find any
b. The  OA-3633/GRC  is  used  with  the
mistakes or if you know of a way to improve the
RT-505/PRC-25 (TM 11-5820-398-35) in the
procedures, please let us know. Mail your letter, or DA
AN/VRC-53 and AN/GRC-125 radio configurations;
Form 2028 (Recommended Changes to Publications
and with the RT-841/PRC-77 (TM 11-5820-667-35) in the
and Blank Forms) direct to: Commander, US Army
AN/VRC-64 and AN/GRC-160 radio configurations.
Communications-Electronics Command, ATTN:
All references to a receiver-transmitter in this manual
DRSEL-ME-MQ, Fort Monmouth, NJ 07703. In either
apply to the RT-505/PRC-25 and RT-841/PRC-77 unless
case, a reply will be furnished direct to you.
one is specifically mentioned.
1-3.2. Reporting Equipment Improvement
c. The OA-3633(*)/GRC can be used with Antenna
Recommendations (EIR)
Matching Unit MX-2799/VRC (part of Antenna
AT-912/VRC (TM 11-5820-401-35) which is used in the
If your equipment needs improvement, let us know.
AN/VRC-53 and AN/GRC-125 configurations),
Send us an EIR. You, the user, are the only one who can
AT-912/VRC-53 and AN/GRC-125 configurations), and
tell us what you don't like about your equipment. Let
with Matching Unit-Base MX-6707/VRC ((TM
us know why you don't like the design. Tell us why a
11-5985-262-15) which is used in the AN/VRC-64 and
procedure is hard to perform. Put it on an SF-368
AN/GRC-160 configurations). All references in this
(Quality Deficiency Report). Mail it to Commander, US
manual to antenna matching unit apply to the
Army Communications-Electronics Command, ATTN:
MX-2799/VRC and MX-6707/VRC, unless one is speci-
DRSEL-ME-MQ, Fort Monmouth, NJ 07703. We'll
fically mentioned.
send a reply.
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