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Page Title: Alignment of Tuning Capacitor C2
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the ground lead to the RT-505/PRC chas-
rotation curve by turning C1 counterclockwise (from
shaft end) and noting that the 520 indicates a de-
crease in capacity. Reset to 68 microfarads (uuf).
d. Connect the other lead of the 520 to
f. Tighten clamp on the Cl tuning shaft.
the stator section of tuning capacitor C2
g. Adjust the RT-505/PRC-25 tuning
at A3, pin 6 (fig. 31).
knobs to 52.95. The 520 should indicate
e. Set the 520 on the X10 uuf scale,
10 uuf, or a difference of 58 uuf from the
loosen the clamp on the C1 tuning shaft,
30.00 mc indication (e above).
and adjust the s h a f t of the tuning ca-
h. If a difference of approximately 58
pacitor C2 for an indication of 6.8 on the
uuf is not obtained, repeat the procedure
given in b through g above.
Note: Check to see that this adjustment has been
i. Replace module A8 in the chassis.
made on the proper side of the capacity-per-degree
rotation curve by turning C2 clockwise (from shaft
end) and noting that the 520 indicates a decrease
51. Alignment of Tuning Capacitor C2
in capacity; reset to 68 uuf.
f. Tighten the clamp on the C2 tuning
Align tuning capacitor C2 as outlined
below. Do not change the control settings
g. Adjust the tuning knobs to 52.95 mc.
unless specifically directed.
The 520 should indicate a difference of
a. Remove module A3 from the chassis.
approximately 58 uuf.
h. If a difference of approximately 58
b. Adjust the tuning knobs for 30.00 mc
and set the BAND switch at 30-52.
uuf is not obtained, repeat the procedure
c. Use a Ballantine Direct Capacity
given in b through g above.
i. Replace module A3 in the chassis.
Meter Model 520 or equivalent. Connect
umns; then perform each specific test
52. General
procedure and verify it against its per-
a. The testing procedures are prepared
formance standard.
for use by Signal Field Maintenance Shops
and Signal Service organizations respon-
53. Test Equipment, Tools, Materials, and
sible for fourth echelon maintenance of
Additional Equipment Required
signal equipment to determine the accept-
a. General. All test equipment, tools,
ability of repaired signal equipment. These
materials, and other equipment required
procedures set forth specific require-
to perform the testing procedures given
ments that a repaired Receiver -Trans -
in this section are listed in the following
mitter, Radio RT-505/PRC-25 must meet
charts and are authorized under TA 11-
before it is returned to the using organ-
17, Signal Field Maintenance Shops, and
ization. The testing procedures may also
TA 11-100(11-17), Allowances of Signal
be used as a guide for the testing of
Corps Expendable Supplies for Signal
equipment at third echelon if the proper
Field Maintenance Shop, Continental United
tools and test equipments are available.
A summary of the performance standards
b. Special Requirements.
is given in paragraph 67.
(1) Specific models of test equipment
b. Comply with the instructions preced-
were used to perform the test pro-
ing each chart before proceeding to the
cedures given in paragraphs 56
chart. Perform each test in sequence.
through 66. If these test procedures
Do not vary the sequence. For each step,
are performed using other models
perform all the actions required in the
Test equipment control settings a n d
of the test equipments, it may be
Equipment under test control settings col-

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