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Page Title: Alignment of Variable Frequency Oscillator Module A9
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j. Set the rf output of the AN/URM-48
j. Repeat b through i above s e v e r a 1
for 53.00 mc, modulated 10 kc by a 1,000-
times to insure proper alignment of A9.
cps tone.
k. Set the BAND switch of the receiver-
45. Alignment of Sidestep Oscillator
transmitter at 53-75, and the tuning con-
Module A20
trols for 53.00 mc.
(fig. 30 and 31)
1. Adjust A2T2 for a maximum indica-
a. Remove module A20 (TM 11-5820-
tion on the ME-26B/U.
398-20, para 10c).
m. Set the rf output of the AN/URM-48
b. Insert the module extender (fig. 27)
for 75.95 mc, modulated 10 kc by a 1,000-
into J16.
cps tone.
c. Remove the cover from module A20
n. Set the receiver-transmitter tuning
and place the module cover (fig. 28) on the
controls for 75.95 mc.
o. Adjust A2C2 for a maximum indica-
d. Connect module A20 to the module
tion on the ME-26B/U.
extender (fig. 27).
p. Repeat k through o above until no
e. Set the receiver-transmitter BAND
further increase in the ME-26 B/U meter
switch at 30-52.
indication can be obtained.
f. Connect  the  AN/USM-26  between
A20J2 (top of module A20) and ground (fig.
44. Alignment of Variable Frequency
Oscillator Module A9
g. Connect the AN/URM-43A to re-
(fig. 30 and 31)
ceiver-transmitter ANT connector J2.
h. Connect an RF millivoltmeter 411A
a. Connect  the  AN/USM-26  between
between A20J2 and ground (fig. 30).
A14J2 and ground.
i. Connect the H-138/U to a receiver-
b. Set the receiver-transmitter BAND
transmitter AUDIO connector.
switch to 30-52, and the tuning controls to
j. Press the H-138/U push-to-talk
30.00 mc.
switch and adjust A20T1 for an indication
c. Press and hold S2 and S3.
of 11.451 mc 500 cps on the AN/USM-26.
d. Adjust A9T1 until the AN/USM-26
k. Adjust A20T2 for a maximum indica-
indicates a frequency of 41.500 mc.
tion on the 411A.
e. Release S2 and S3.
l. Remove module A20 and the module
f. Set the receiver-transmitter tuning
extender from J16.
controls to 52.95 mc.
m. Remove the module alignment cover
g. Press and hold S2 and S3.
from module A20.
h. Adjust A9C9 until the AN/USM-
n. Replace the cover on module A20.
2 6 indicates a frequency of 64.450
o. Replace module A20 (TM 11-5820-
398-20, para 10d).
i. Release S2 and S3.

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