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Page Title: Transmitter Power Amplifier V106
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TM-11-5820-222-35 Radio Sets AN/VRC-24 and AN/TRC-68 Manual
Modulator Driver V804 and Transmitter Modulator V804 through V808

capacitor C132 sets the minimum capacity
supply through terminal V of plug P101
resistor R121, rf choke L119, and parallel-
point of Z108. Coupling loop L111 couples
the rf energy from Z108 and low-pass fil-
tuned circuit Z107.
b. The amplified output of V105 is de-
ter FL1101 to the antenna through contacts
veloped across tuned circuit Z107. Tuned
1 and 2 of antenna relay K101 and the direc-
circuit Z107, in parallel with capacitor
tional coupler (para 10). The screen grid
C145 and trimmer capacitor C141, is tuned
voltage of V106 is reduced by resistor R6.
to present a high impedance to rf signals
Rf decoupling is provided by C138 and
in the 225.0- to 399.9-mc range. Choke
L121. Low pass filter FL1101 attenuates
L119 and capacitor C142 form a plate de-
all frequencies above 400 mc to reduce
coupling network for V105. Resistor R121
harmonic output.
is a meter shunt for M701 (fig. 22) when
S704 is placed in the DVR Ib position.
58. Audio Input Circuits
56. Transmitter Power Amplifier V106
Figure 20 shows the interunit audio input
circuits for both Radio Set AN/VRC-24 and
a. The output of transmitter driver V105
AN/TRC-68. For normal transmission
is developed across Z107 and is coupled by
(NOR BB switch set to NOR), microphone
C128 to the grid of V106. Rf choke L114
audio signals from AUDIO jacks J702-C
provides a high impedance for the rf driv-
and J703-C are coupled through rf filter
ing signal. Resistor R108 and capacitor
FL702 to the audio amplifier and modula-
C146 provide grid-leak bias for V106. Re-
tor subunit through terminal F of P801.
sistor R109 is a meter shunt for M701
Audio signals from Radio Set Control C-
(fig. 22) when switch S704 is placed in the
1439/U or from the retransmit equipment
PA Ig position. Fixed-protective bias is
are coupled through rf filter FL19 to the
supplied through terminal T of P101. Jack
same input terminal. Microphone current
J111 is a test point for measuring the fixed
for the carbon microphone is supplied from
and grid-leak bias.
the -30-volt supply through terminal M of
b. The screen grid of V106 receives
plug P801 and the filter network that con-
modulated dc voltage through terminal N of
sists of capacitors C816 and C819 and re-
plug P101. Capacitor C138 and inductor
sistor R817.
L121 are a screen grid rf decoupling net-
work. Power amp1ifier V106 receives
modulated plate voltage through an insul-
59. Audio Preamplifier V803
ated conductor passing through the inner
conductor of coaxial cavity Z108, through
a. Audio input signals are amplified by
feedthrough capacitor C133, and terminal
audio preamplifier V803 and applied to
M of plug P101. Capacitor C133 bypasses
modulation driver stage V804. Microphone
rf signals from the +300-volt supply.
signals from terminal F of P801 are cou-
pled through switch contacts 7 and 9 of
57. Power Amplifier Output Circuit
S801A, coupling capacitor C809, resistor
R818, and R850 to the control grid of V803.
Resistors R820 and R819 are the grid-
The power amplifier output is developed
return bias circuit for V803. Bypass ca-
across plate tank Z108. The tuned circuit
is a coaxial cavity and an integral tuning
pacitor C817 limits the high-frequency
response of the preamplifier stage. Re-
capacitor that is ganged with the rf ampli-
fier tank circuits and is tuned by the 1,750-
sistor R821 and capacitor C811 provide
position shaft of the frequency selector.
cathode bias for V803. Screen grid voltage
Blocking capacitor C131 prevents the dc
for V803 is supplied from the +125-volt dc
plate voltage on V106 from being grounded
supply through voltage dropping resistor
through Z108 and couples the rf energy
R823. Capacitor C812 provides a low-im-
from the plate of V106 to Z108. Trimmer
pedance path to ground for audio signals on

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