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Page Title: Location of Repair Parts
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b. Repair parts mortality is computed from
and note the reference designation for that FSN
or part number. Refer to the reference designa-
failure rates derived from experience factors with
the individual parts in a variety of equipments.
tion index and note the page number given for
Variations in the specific application and periods
the reference designation. Refer to the page noted
of use of electronics equipment, the fragility of
in the RPSTL (sec. III or V) and locate the
electronic piece parts, plus intangible material
reference designation in column 7b, Repair Parts
and quality factors intrinsic to the manufacture
for Organizational Maintenance or col. 10b, Repair
of electronic parts, do not permit mortality to be
Parts for Direct Support, General Support, and
Depot Maintenance of the repair parts list.
based on hours of end item use. However, long
periods of continuous use under adverse condi-
c. When the reference designation is known,
tions are likely to increase repair parts mortality.
follow the procedures given in b (2) above.
c. The following publication pertains to the
d. When neither the FSN nor reference desig-
nation is known, identify the part in the illustra-
AN/TMQ5C and their components:
tion and follow directions given in c above or
TM 11666020410 0perator's Manual: Radio-
scrutinize column 3 of the repair parts lists (sec.
sonde Recorders AN/
III and V).
AN/TMQ-5B, and AN/
6. Federal Supply Codes for Manufacturers
02660 ------ Amphenol Corp
5. Location of Repair Parts
07344 . . . . .. Bircher Co Inc
08232 _... _.. Control Circuits Inc
a. This manual contains two cross-reference
21335 -... -. Fafnir Bearing Co Div of Textron Inc
indexes (sec. VII and VIII) to be used to locate a
24446 .._._. General Electric Co
repair part when either the Federal stock num-
34855 . . . . ..- Landers Frary and Clark
ber, reference number (manufacturer's part
35529 .._... Leeds and Northrup
number), or reference designation is known. The
37942 ------ Mallory PR and Co Inc
first column in each index is prepared in numeri-
43334 -.---. New Departure-Hyatt Bearings Div of General
cal and/or alpha-numeric sequence in ascending
order. Where a Federal stock number is not
45413 . .._ Packardard Bell Electronics Corp Space and
listed, refer to the reference number (manufac-
Systems Div
49956 -_.. __ Raytheon Co Microwave & Power Tubes Div
turer's part numbers) immediately following the
57737 --.--. Sticht Herman H Co Inc
Federal stock number.
70903 ___. _. Belden Mfg Co
b. When the Federal stock number is known,
71468 -____. ITT Cannon Electric Inc
71700 . . . . .. Cornish Wire Co
follow the procedures given in (1) and (2) below.
71785 _-.__ .Cinch Mfg Co & Howard B Jones Div
(1) Refer to the index of Federal stock
72619 ._.__. Dialight Corp
numbers (sec. VII) and locate the Federal stock
72653 _-.. G C Electronics Co A Div of Hydrometals Inc
number. The FSN is cross-referenced to the ap-
73138 -_.__ -Beckman Instruments Inc Helipot Div
73957 _----. Groov-Pin Corp
plicable figure and reference designation.
74198 -___.. Quadriga Mfg Co
(2) When the reference designation is de-
74417.....-Walker Bros Co
termined, refer to the reference designation index
74545 _--.. -Hubbell Harvey Inc
(sec. VIII). The reference designations are listed
74970 _.-. -. Johnson E F Co
75543 ..__-. Lavelle Rubber Co
in alpha-numeric ascending order and are cross-
75915 ..___ .Littlefuse Inc
-referenced to the page number on which they ap-
78553 . ..-_ -Tinnerman Products Inc
pear in the repair parts list (sec. III and V).
79136 _... Waldes Kohinoor Inc
Refer to the page number noted in the index and
80063 ..___ .Army Electronics Command
locate the reference designation in the repair parts
81349 ..___ .Military Specifications
list (col. 7b, Repair Parts for Organizational
82866 _-.._. Research Products Corp
82877 _---. _Rotron Mfg Co Inc
Maintenance or col. 10b, Repair Parts for Direct
83315 -____ Hubbell Corp
Support, General Support, and Depot Mainte-
90484 . ..__. ITT Wire and Cable Div
nance). If the word "REF" appears in the al-
91146 _---.. ITT Cannon Electric Inc Salem Div
lowance column for the repair part, note the
91929 _..._. Honeywell Inc Micro Switch Div
Federal stock number (col. 2) or manufacturer's
96906 .--... Military Standards
part number (col. 3). Refer to the FSN index
97983 . .._ Litton Systems Inc Litcom Div

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