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Page Title: Connection Repair
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TM 11-6660-204-25
b. Unsolder the top and bottom wires from the
3-39. Connection Repair
circuit breaker.
Repair connections by resoldering the lead to the
c. From the front side of the panel, remove the two
component. If a lead is shortened in the process of
circuit breaker mounting screws and remove the cir-
repairing a connection; insure that the lead is long
cuit breaker.
enough so no tension exists. If not enough of the lead
d. Install the circuit breaker in the panel and in-
is left after shortening, remove the lead and replace
stall and tighten the two mounting screws.
with one of the same wire size, same insulation char-
e. Solder the top and bottom wires to the circuit
actitistics, and of sufficient length.
breaker terminals.
f. Remove the masking tape.
3-40. Wiring Replacement
a. Loosen any clamps holding the wire(s) to be
3-43. Indicator Meter Installation
b. Remove the clamps closest to the connectors in
WERLINE FREQUENCY indicator as follows:
which the wire(s) terminate.
a. Use masking tape to identify the position of
c. Remove the screws holding the connectors and
each wire to be removed.
remove the connectors from their mounting brack-
b. Unsolder the wires.
ets. Remove the shells from the connectors.
c. Remove the meter mounting screws from the
front of the panel.
To avoid equipment damage and errone-
d. Remove the indicator, install the replacement
ous data, be careful that small flakes of
indicator, and install the panel screws.
solder do not fall into the connector.
e. Solder the wires to the back of the indicator.
d. If the wire to be replace is connected to a termi-
3-44. Knob Installation
nal around the outside perimeter of the connector,
unsolder the wire to be disconnected and solder the
The control panel knobs are held onto their shafts by
new wire in place.
means of a setscrew. Remove knobs by loosening the
e. If the wire to be replaced terminates near the
setscrew and pulling the knob from its shaft. Install
center of the connector, it may be necessary to dis-
knobs by pushing the knob on the shaft and tighten-
connect one or more wires in order to gain access to
ing the setscrew. The signal selector knob should be
the wire to be replaced. Before unsoldering any wires,
installed so that at its extreme counterclockwise ro-
note their terminal numbers on a piece of tape and
tation, it points to SIG. The SPEAKER VOL. knob
attach the tape to the wire about 5 inches back from
should be installed so that at the extreme counter-
the connector. Do this with each wire to be unsol-
clockwise position, it points to the 7 o'clock position.
dered, including the wire to be replaced. Unsolder the
3-45. Control Panel Light Assembly Replacement
wires, replace the defective wire, and resolder all
Replace the control panel light assembly as fol-
f. Repeat the previous step with the other connec-
a. Tag the leads with tape and unsolder the leads
g. Remove the tape, replace the connectors, and
to the light.
secure the clamps.
b. Remove the mounting nut and lockwasher from
h. Use a multimeter to check continuity of the
the rear of the panel.
wire(s) replaced (see fig. FO-7 and FO-8). Also check
c. Install the new light assembly on the front of
for short circuits between all terminals of both con-
the control panel.
d. Install the mounting nut and lockwasher to the
rear of the panel.
3-41. Systems Connecting Cables Replacement
e. Solder the wires to the light assembly.
To replace systems connections cables, refer to para-
f. Remove the tape from the wires.
graph 2-8 (fig. 2-6) of TM 11-7770-204-10, para-
3-46. Loudspeaker Replacement
graph 2-8 and figure 2-6 of this manual.
Replace the loudspeaker as follows:
3-42. Circuit Breaker Installation
a. Unsolder the wires to the loudspeaker.
Install a circuit breaker on the control panel as fol-
b. Remove the four nuts, bolts, and lockwashers
that retain the loudspeaker to the panel.
a. Identify the top and bottom leads to the circuit
c. Install the new speaker to the panel by means of
breaker by noting their positions on masking tape
the four nuts, bolts, and lockwashers.
attached to the wires.
d. Solder the wires to the new speaker.

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