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Page Title: Figure 3-15. Signal Data Converter CV-146/TMQ-5, Bottom View Showing Socket Locations.
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TM 11-6660-204-25
Figure 3-15. Signal Data Converter CV-146/TMQ-5, Bottom View Showing Socket Locations.
3-31. Voltage Discriminator Alinement
c. Continue to advance R326 until the pen be
comes unstable or until the mechanical limits of the
a. Rotate SIGNAL SELECTOR switch S202 to
potentiometer are reached. This procedure will estab
the S.C. position.
lish one extreme of the range.
b. Rotate potentiometer R314 to it's clockwise
d. Turn the potentiometer counterclockwise until
limit, and potentiometer R317 to it's counterclock-
the pen again becomes unstable or until the mechani
wise limit.
cal limit of the potentiometer is reached. This proce-
c. Place a jumper wire between J308 and J314.
dure will establish the other extreme of the range.
d. Connect a voltmeter (200-300 volt scale) be-
e. The final setting of R326 should be halfway be-
between J310 (positive) and chassis. Adjust R314 until
tween the two extremes of the range.
the meter reads 120 volts. Remove the meter and
3-33. Alinement of Recorder Pen and
e. Connect a jumper between J304 and J308.
f. Connect the voltmeter between J310 (positive)
With no power applied to the radiosonde recorder
and chassis. Adjust R317 until the meter indicates
and with the pen and indicator in the maximum coun-
160 volts. Remove the meter and jumper.
terclockwise position, the pen should record between
3-32. Univibrator Alinement
one-third and one-half of a chart division to the left of
the chart zero line. In the maximum clockwise posi-
The univibrator potentiometer R326 should be set to
tion, the pen should record just left of the extrusions
the middle of the range in which stable operation of
at the right-hand end of the chart drive roller. If it
the univibrator is obtained.
does not record in that position, perform the follow
a. Rotate the SIGNAL SELECTOR switch S202
ing alinement:
to the 120 CPS position.
a. Loosen the two screws that secure the drive
b. Advance R326 until the recorder pen indicates
cable to the pen carriage.
60 on the chart. If the pen comes to rest at some other
b. Pull open the frequency time recorder and re-
position, bring it to 60 by adjusting the REF AD-
move the slide-wire cover (fig. 3-6). Grasp the cover
JUST control.

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