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Page Title: Figure 2-18. Negative regulated power supply, simplified schematic diagram.
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Figure 2-18. Negative regulated power supply, simplified schematic diagram.
ground. The voltage of potentiometer R412 is ap-
supplied from positive voltage reference tube
plied to the control grid of positive control ampli-
V404. Because the cathode voltage is held con-
fier tube V403. The screen-grid voltage for tube
stant, only the grid voltage affects operation of
V403 is obtained from a voltage divider consisting
this circuit. The grid voltage is supplied from a
of resistors R408 and R409 and positive voltage
bleeder network across the regulated positive
references tube V404 connected across the posi-
300-volt output determined by the position of the
tive 300-volt output. The plate of tube V403 is
wiper arm of potentiometer R412. When an in-
directly connected to the grid of tube V402
crease of voltage occurs at the cathode of tube
through resistor R407, and determines the grid
V402 as a result of an increase in line voltage or a
decrease in load current, the voltage across the
bias on this series regulator tube. Positive voltage
bleeder increases. A portion of this voltage, deter-
reference tube V404 is a cold cathode-type gas
mined by the setting of potentiometer R412, is
voltage regulator tube, normally operating at 87
amplified by tube V403 and applied as a negative
volts. This tube is connected to the cathode of tube
swinging grid voltage to tube V402. This decrease
V403 to provide a constant reference voltage for
in grid voltage causes an increase in the effective
comparison with the grid voltage of control ampli-
plate to cathode resistance and increases the volt-
fier tube V403.
age drop across tube V402. This increase in volt-
(2) Series regulator tube V402 functions as a
age drop, returns the grid of tube V403 almost to
variable resistor, the resistance is controlled by
its original bias. The action of the regulator is
its grid voltage. A more positive grid voltage de-
very rapid and may be considered instantaneous.
creases resistance and a less positive voltage in-
Capacitors C404 and C405 with resistor R410
creases resistance. Control amplifier tube V403
form a series circuit across the output of the reg-
controls the amount of voltage supplies to the grid
ulated positive 300-volt supply for any rapid
of tube V402. The cathode of tube V403 is con-
changing voltage or for ripple voltage. The capac-
nected to a constant reference voltage, which is

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