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Page Title: Maintenance Code
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TM 11- 6625- 2949-24P
Cannibalization or controlled exchange, when authorized, may be used
as a source of supply for items with the above source codes, except for
those source coded "XA" or those aircraft support items restricted by
requirements of AR 750-1.
( 2 ) M a i n t e n a n c e C o d e . Mai nten ance co des tel l yo u th e cat egor y of m ainten ance
authorized to U SE and REPAIR support it em s. T he m aintenance codes are ent ered in the
third and f ourt h pos ition s of the S MR cod e as f ollo ws:
( a )  T he m aintenance code en tered in the third p o s i t i o n t e l l s yo u the lo west
m aintenance categor y authorized to rem ove, replace, and use an it em . T he m aintenance
code ent ered i n the t hird pos iti on wi ll i nd icate aut hori za tio n to o ne of the f ollo wing
categor ies of m aintenance.
C -- Cre w or op erator m aint ena nce d one wit hi n organ i zati ona l or aviat io n m aintena nce.
O -- Organizational or aviation unit categor y can rem ove, replace, and use
the item ,
F -- Direct support or aviation interm ediat e cat egor y c an rem ove, replace, and
use the item .
H -- General support cat egor y can rem ove, replac e, and use the item .
L -- Specialized repair act ivit y can rem ove, r eplace, and use the item .
D -- Depot cat egor y can r em ove, replace, and use the it em .
( b ) T he m aintena nce co de e ntere d i n th e f ourth posit ion tel ls wh eth er or not t he item is
to be rep aire d an d i d e n t i f i e s the lo west m ain tena nce categ or y with the c a p a b i l i t y to d o
com plete re pair ( i . e . , p erf orm all auth ori ze d re pair f unctio ns). T his positio n wi ll co nta in o ne
of the f oll o wi ng m ainte n ance cod es:
Some limited repair may be do ne on the item at a lower categor y of
maintenance, if authorized by the Maintenance Allocation Chart (MAC)
and SMR codes.
-- Organ i zati ona l or avi atio n u nit is th e l o west c ateg or y t hat ca n d o com plet e
repair of the item .
F  -- Direct su pport or a vi a tion in term ediate is th e l o west cate gor y th at can do
com plete re pa ir of the it em ,
H -- Ge nera l sup port i s the l o west cat egor y t h at can do com plete re pa ir of the item .
L  -- Sp ecia li ze d rep air act ivit y (desi gna te t he spec ial i zed r epa ir acti vit y) is the
lo west ca teg or y t hat ca n do com plete re pa ir of the i tem .
D  -- Depot is the lowest categor y that can do complete repair of the item .
Z  -- Nonreparable. No repair is authorized.
B  -- N o repair is aut horized. (No parts or special tools are aut horized f ar the
m aintenance of a "B" coded i tem .) Howe ver, th e item m a y be recon dit io ned
b y adj ustin g, lubr icati ng , etc., at the user category.
( 3 ) R ec ov e r a b i l i t y C o de . Recoverabilit y codes are assigned to item s to indicate the
disposition act ion on unserviceable it em s. T he recoverabilit y code is ent ered in the f if th
posit ion of the SMR Cod e of f ollo ws:

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