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Page Title: Daily Maintenance Service and Inspection
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a d d i t i o n a l information concerning sub-
These inspections are made to maintain
m i s s i o n of specific forms.
combat serviceability; that is, to maintain
the equipment in good general (physical)
condition, and in good operating condition.
35. Daily Maintenance Service and Inspection
To assist the organizational maintenance
Maintenance service and inspections of
repairman in maintaining combat service-
Transponder Set AN/APX-44 are required
ability, the charts indicate what to inspect,
on a daily basis in an aircraft installation.
how to inspect, and what the normal condi-
P a r a g r a p h 36 specifies services and in-
tions are; the References column lists the
spections that must be accomplished daily
a p p l i c a b l e references that contain addi-
and under special conditions listed below.
tional information. If the defect cannot be
a. Following the last flight of each day
r e m e d i e d by the organizational mainte-
or preceding the next day's flight.
nance repairman, higher echelon mainte-
b. When the equipment has been replaced
nance or repair is required. Records and
after removal for any reason.
reports of these inspections must be made
c. At least once each week if the equip-
in accordance with TM 38-750.
ment is maintained in a standby condition.
c. Maintenance Forms and Records.
Maintenance forms and records to be used
and maintained on this equipment are spec-
36. Daily Maintenance Service
ified in TM 38-750. Paragraph 3 contains
and Inspection Chart
Normal condition or result
Equipment must be complete,
SET: Inspect the equipment for
Para 37a through d and applicable
aircraft technical manual.
completeness and general con-
clean, and installed for oper-
dition. Check for evidence of
damage, proper mounting, and
safety wiring.
Applicable aircraft technical
Connectors and receptacle are
CONNECTIONS: Check cables,
connectors, and receptacles for
clean, intact, and not loose fit-
evidence of external damage.
ting. Cables are clean and in
good condition.
37. Cleaning
N o t e : Dry compressed air, not more than 15 pounds
p e r - s q u a r e - i n c h (psi) pressure, may be used to blow
out dust from corners. Be careful to prevent mechan-
Inspect the exterior of the transponder
i c a l damage from the airblast.
set. The exterior surfaces should be clean,
d. Clean the front panels, controls, and
free of dirt, grease, and fungus.
dials; use a soft clean cloth. If dirt is dif-
a. Remove loose dirt with a clean soft
ficult to remove, clean with mild soap and
Warning: Cleaning compound is flam-
e. R e m o v e r u s t a n d c o r r o s i o n f r o m
mable and its fumes are toxic. Do not use
m e t a l surfaces by lightly sanding them
near a flame; provide adequate ventilation.
with fine sandpaper. Brush two thin coats
b. Remove grease, fungus, and ground-
of paint on the bare metal to protect it
in dirt from the exterior surfaces of the
from further corrosion. Refer to the ap-
r e c e i v e r - t r a n s m i t t e r , control unit, an-
plicable cleaning and refinishing practices
t e n n a , and mounting; use a cloth dam-
specified in TM 9-2851.
pened (not wet) with cleaning compound.
W i p e dry with a clean, dry, lint-free
38. Intermediate Maintenance
Service and Inspection
c. Remove dirt from the connectors of
t h e transponder set with a soft-bristle
The intermediate inspection provides
v e r i f i c a t i o n of satisfactory operation at

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