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Page Title: Chapter 1. INTRODUCTION
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Section I. GENERAL
1. Scope
the latest changes and revisions of each
equipment publication.
This manual describes Transponder Set
AN/APX-44 and covers the operating in-
structions to be used by the aircraft pilot,
3. Forms and Records
pilot's preflight inspections, and organiza-
a. Reports of Maintenance and unsatis -
t i o n a l maintenance. It includes cleaning
f a c t o r y Equipment. Use equipment forms
a n d inspection instructions and removal
a n d records in accordance with instruc-
and replacement of parts available to sec-
tions in TM 38-750.
ond echelon personnel.
b. Report of Damaged or Improper Ship-
m e n t . Fill out and forward DD Form 6
2. Index of Publications
(Report of Damaged or Improper Shipment)
as prescribed in AR 700-58 (Army),
Refer to the latest issue of DA Pam
NAVSANDA Publication 378 (Navy), and
310-4 to determine whether there are new
A F R 71-4 (Air Force).
e d i t i o n s , changes, or additional publica-
c. C o m m e n t s o n M a n u a l . F o r w a r d  a l l
tions pertaining to the equipment. Depart-
c o m m e n t s on this publication direct to:
ment of the Army Pamphlet No. 310-4 is
C o m m a n d i n g Officer, U. S. Army Elec-
a c u r r e n t index of Technical Manuals,
t r o n i c s Materiel Support Agency, ATTN:
Technical  Bulletins, Supply Bulletins, Lu-
SELMS-MP,  Fort  Monmouth,  N.  J,  `(DA
b r i c a t i o n Orders, and Modification Work
Form 1598 (Record of Comments on Pub-
Orders  that are available through publica-
lications), DA Form 2496 (Disposition
tions  supply  channels. The index lists the
F o r m ) , or letter maybe used.)
individual parts (-10, -20, -35P, etc) and
5. Technical Characteristics
4. Purpose and Use
a. Receiver-Transmitter, Radar RT-
a. Purpose. Transponder Set AN/APX-
44 provides transponder functions to re-
ceive, decode, and respond to the charac-
Range . . . . . . Line of sight.
teristic interrogations of the Mark X
identification friend or foe (IFF) system,
rates . . . . . . 15 to 500 per seconds
the Mark X IFF system supplemented by
t h e selective identification feature (sif),
and to the interrogations of civil secondary
Voltage and
ground radar systems.
c u r r e n t re-
b. Use.  The AN/APX-44 is used to
7.2 amperes at 27.5
t r a n s m i t a specially coded reply to a
volts dc.
ground-based IFF radar interrogator sys-
2 7 . 5 - v o l t dc aircraft
tem. The form of the coded reply permits
e l e c t r i c a l  system.
positive identification of the aircraft and,
Warmup time
5 minutes maximum.
if desired, its position.

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