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Page Title: Emergency Operation
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TM 11-5821-277-20
seconds (maximum) after time tuning action is
(13) Request that the monitoring station ver-
ify that transmitted signals are received clear
(2) Monitoring audio output. Application of
and free of undue noise or distortion.
received, detected audio output from the trans-
(14) Check to see that sidetone is clear and
free of distortion during transmission.
ceiver to headphones is dependent on control
settings of the C1611D/AIC in the aircraft. The
(15)  Adjust  the  VOL  control  knob  for  a
volume of the audio output is controlled by oper-
comfortable listening level. Check to see that re-
ating the control unit VOL control.
ceived audio is clear and free of undue noise
or distortion.
b. Normal operation, To operate the radio set,
The push-to-talk switch must remain pressed dur-
to the desired frequency of operation, monitor
ing the entire transmitting period.
the audio output of the transceiver (use the head-
set in the aircraft), press the push-to-talk switch-
(3) Transmission. Selection of the radio set
es, and speak into the microphone in the aircraft
for trasmission is controlled by the associated
when transmitting; adjust the control unit VOL
C-1611D/AIC  installed  in  the  aircraft.  When
t h e operating controls on the operator's C-
control to maintain a comfortable listening level
in the headset. The radio set is normally inter-
1611D/AIC have been set to select the radio set
faced to an C-1611D/AIC in the aircraft; there-
for transmitting, press the associated push-to-
fore, operating the C-1611D/AIC controls is an
talk switch and speak into the associated micro-
integral part of radio set operation. Refer to the
phone in a normal, clear tone.
applicable  aircraft  technical  manual  for  oper-
c. Shutdown.
ating instructions for the particular intercommu-
(1) Set the control unit OFF-PWR switch
nication set installed on the aircraft.
to OFF.
(2) Deenergize the aircraft circuit breaker
that supplies dc power to the radio set.
Tune the radio set only whe is in the
receive mode of operation. (The radio
3-4. Emergency Operation
set can be tuned to different frequencies
There are no specific emergency operational
while in the transmit mode of operation;
procedures for the radio set. If the aircraft inter-
however, resultant sudden removal and
communication sets fail, the radio set may be
application of power to the transmitter
used for two-way voice communication by con-
circuitry is not a good practice.)
necting a microphone and headset (para 110)
( 1 ) Tuning. When tuning the radio set,
t o the MIKE and PHONE jacks on the front
operate the MHz and kHz tuning controls until
panel of the transceiver. Monitor the audio out-
p u t from the headphone. Press the push-to-
the desired frequency appears in the VHF
talk switch and speak into the microphone when
COMM frequency indicator window. The radio
set is tuned to the selected frequency within 4

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