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Page Title: Additional Equipment Required
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TM 11-5821-277-20
front panel is also aluminum but is equipped
Two holddown clamps are on the mounting.
When the transceiver is installed in the mount-
with an edge-lighted, black plastic overlay so
ing ( fig. 1-6), the holddown clamps slip over
that only panel markings are lighted by three
panel lights. Two internal lamps light the tinning
the holddown brackets on the transceiver and
secure the transceiver in place. Dual connector
window when power is applied to the radio set.
Quick-release fasteners are at each of the four
J1A and J1B on the mounting mates with dual
connector J1A and JlB at the rear of the trans-
corners of the front panel to secure the control
ceiver ( fig. 15). Feedthrough pins at the rear of
unit to an aircraft instrument panel, or to another
the mounting (fig. 1-7) are provided for con-
s u i t a b l e mounting if desired. A VHF COMM
nection of aircraft wiring necessary for integra-
tuning indicator window, two tuning knobs, a
tion of the radio set into the aircraft avionics
V O L control (concentric with the right-hand
tuning knob), an OFF PWR switch (concentric
with the left-hand tuning knob), a COMM TEST
pushbutton switch, and three panel lamps arc
1-10. Additional Equipment Required
mounted on the front panel of the control unit.
Table 1-1 lists the additional equipment required
Connector J1 at the rear of the chassis (fig. 1-7)
for operation of the radio set.
provides all necessary interconnections for the
control unit.
d. Mounting (fig. 11). The aluminum mount-
The equipment listed in the table below includes
additional equipment required for operation of
ing consists of two guide channels and a rear
the radio set when it is installed in an aircraft
bracket. Four resilient mounts are affixed to the
and using the C-16LlD/AIC in the aircraft. To
b o t t o m of the guide  channels. The resilient
provide transmit and receive capability at the
mounts secure `he mounting to the aircraft and
front panel of the transceiver, use Microphone
protect the transceiver from vibration and shock.
M-52B/U and Headset, Eletrical H-216/U.
Table 1-1. Additional Equipment
Applicable publication
Vhf antenna (type 37R2 or equiva-
Receives and transmits RF energy.
lent) .
Control, Intercommunication Set
Interfaces received l udio signals into  TM 11-5831-201-35
G1611(D)/AIC, or equivalent.
aircraft audio distribution system,
routes audio signals from micro-
phone to modulator section of trans-
ceiver, and switches transceiver
from receive to transmit function.
Provides aural monitoring capability  TM 11-5965-216-15
Headset H101A/U, or equivalent.
for received audio signals. Also pro-
vides microphone for routing of
voice signals to transmitter portion
of transceiver through Control, In-
tercommunication Set C-1611(D)/
Applicable aircraft technical manual.
External push-to-talk switch cir-
Enables operation of microphone am-
plifier in C-1611(D)/AIC, and
applies transmit keying signal to
transceiver through C-1611(D)/
Applicable aircraft technical manual.
Aircraft junction box
Provides interface for radio set and
aircraft wiring.
Applicable aircraft technical manual.
Aircraft cabbing
Provides necessary interconnection
of radio set in aircraft.
1-11. Difference in Models
Radio Sets AN/ARC-134 and AN/ARC-134A are
modified to Radio Set AN/ARC-134B as a result of
MWO  11-5821-277-30/1.
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