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Page Title: Disassembly and Reassembly of Interval Oscillator Module A10
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assembly (63) on shaft assembly (75). Align
o. Position arm assembly (33) on retain-
the holes; insert and secure taper pin (62)
ing arm (35) and secure in place with re-
and setscrew (64).
taining ring (34).
f. Place thrust washer (77) and spur
p. Install two O-rings (29) on shaft as-
gear (73) on stud (74) with the gear hub
sembly (30). Place thrust washer (31) over
facing away from housing assembly (59).
retaining ring side of shaft assembly (30).
Mount gear arm (72) on stud (74) while
q. Insert shaft assembly (30) through
obtaining gear mesh between gear arm (72)
housing assembly (59) and secure in place
and shaft assembly (75). Install retaining
with retaining ring (12).
r. Place stop (14) on shaft assembly (30),
ring (71) on stud (74) and secure. Check
all parts for freedom of operation.
align the taper-pin holes, and insert and
g. Install thrust washer (37) on shaft of
secure taper pin (13).
antibacklash gear assembly (36), and in-
s. Install one end of spring (32) on arm
sert antibacklash gear assembly (36) into
assembly (33) and the other on spring re-
housing assembly (59). Install and secure
tainer (18).
t. Place sleeve (2) on shaft assembly
retaining ring (41) on shaft of antibacklash
gear assembly (36). Place coupler assem-
(16) and align the taper pin holes. Insert
bly (44) on shaft of antibacklash gear as-
and secure taper pin (7). Place bushing (3)
sembly (36), align the holes, and secure
on sleeve (2).
taper pin (42) and setscrew (43).
U. Secure spring (6) to housing assembly
h. Connect spring (56) to arm assembly
(59) and arm (4). Position the forked end
of arm (4) in bushing (3) and secure arm
i. Install arm assembly (78) to shaft
(4) to housing assembly (59) with pin (5).
assembly (57) and secure with retaining
Crimp over both ends of pin (5).
ring (79). Install O-rings (55) on shaft as -
Note: Upon completion of the above assembly
procedures, check all parts for freedom of move-
sembly (57).
j. Place sleeve (84) and spring (83) on
v. Place lamp (24) in housing (25), posi-
mask assembly (53). Place sleeve (85) on
tion housing (25) in bushing (2 3), and secure
spring retainer (18).
in place with flat washer (26), lockwasher
k. Place mask assemblies (53 and 54)
(27), and screw (28).
on shaft assembly (57); secure in place
w. When replacing spacer (60) into hous -
with screw (50) and lockwasher (51).
ing assembly (59), apply Locktite (Ameri-
l. Install O-rings (52) on mask assembly
can Sealant, Grade C, or equivalent) to
(53) and position spring (56) in place on
shaft assembly (57). Slide thrust washer
(58) on retainer ringside of shaft assembly
97. Disassembly and Reassembly of Interval
(57), then position shaft assembly (57) into
housing assembly (59) and secure in place
Oscillator Module A10
with retaining ring (45).
m. Install gear (67) on shaft assembly
a. Disassembly.
(69) with hub of gear (67) facing inboard.
(1) Remove two panhead screws (10)
Insert taper pin (68) and secure gear (67)
and lockwashers (9) that secure
on shaft assembly (69). Install two O-rings
cover (8) to header-shield assem-
(65) on shaft assembly (69).
bly (7). Remove the cover.
n. Place thrust washer (17) on shaft as -
(2) Remove retaining ring (16) that
sembly (16). Insert shaft assembly (16)
secures coupling assembly (1) in
through housing assembly (59) and mesh
header-shield assembly (7) and re-
gear on shaft assembly (16) with gear seg-
move coupling assembly (1).
ment (81) on shaft assembly (57). Secure
(3) Remove two screws (2) and two
shaft assembly (16) in place with retaining
screws (4) that support bearing as-
ring (1).
semblies (3 and 14) to header-
Note: During the drilling operation (if required)
shield assembly (7) and remove the
maintain 0.015 inch end play in shaft assembly (16)
two support bearing assemblies.
and 0.005 inch end play in shaft assembly (30).

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