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Page Title: Selector Mechanism Reassembly Procedure
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o. Remove spring (83) and sleeve (84)
that point in the procedure in which the
from mask assembly (53).
defective part is replaced.
p. Remove retaining ring (79) that se-
Caution: Before inserting a taper pin
cures arm assembly (78) to shaft assem-
through a gear and a shaft, be sure that
bly (57). Remove arm assembly (78).
the taper pin holes are aligned correctly.
q. Remove spring (56) from arm assem-
Failure to observe this procedure will
bly (78) .
cause serious damage to the parts.
r. Remove thrust washer (70) from shaft
Note: Make all pinning operations with the dials
set at 30.00 mc. Setscrews (8), (15), (47), and (66)
assembly (69). Remove taper pin (68) from
are not supplied with the selector mechanism, but
gear (67); then remove O-rings (65) and
are used to secure replacement parts to gear shafts
gear (67) from shaft assembly (69).
while drilling. After the pinning operations are
completed, remove the setscrewe. Setscrews (43)
Note: Setscrew (66) is not supplied with the se-
and (64) are supplied with the selector mechanism
lector mechanism, but it is used to secure gear
and are to be replaced in coupler assemblies (44)
(67) to shaft assembly (69) during drilling of re-
and (63).
placement parts (para 96).
a. When replacing the bushing (2 3), apply
s. Remove taper pin (42) and setscrew
locktite (American Sealants, Grade C, or
(43) that secure coupler assembly (44) and
equal) to the outside shank of the bushing
remove coupler assembly (44).
(23) and press it into the housing assembly
t. Remove retaining ring (41) that se-
cures antibacklash gear assembly (36) to
b. If replacement is required, replace
housing assembly (59) and remove anti-
yoke (40), worm (21), screw (39), and gear
backlash gear assembly (36) and thrust
(20) at one time. Install thrust washer (22)
washer (37).
into housing assembly (59). Insert gear
Note: Do not disassemble the anti backlash gear
(20) and worm (21) into housing assembly
assembly (36) further.
(59) with yoke (40) positioned through
u. Remove retaining ring (71) that se-
housing  assembly  (59).  Place  thrust
cures gear arm (72) and spur gear (73)
washer (19) over gear (20), and secure in
to stud (74). Remove gear arm (72), spur
place with plate (11), lockwasher (10), and
gear (73), and thrust washer (77).
screw (9).
v. Remove taper pin (62) and setscrew
Note: After gear (20) and worm (21 ) are secured
(64) that secure coupler assembly (63) to
in housing assembly (59), yoke (40) extension
shaft assembly (75) and remove coupler
should be 0.462 inch 0.015. Measure this distance
assembly (63).
from the centerline of the outer drill hole in the
yoke (40) to the casting of the housing assembly
w. Remove retaining ring (61) from shaft
assembly (75). Remove shaft assembly (75)
c. Place thrust washer (70) on shaft as-
and thrust washer (76) from housing as-
sembly (69), insert shaft assembly (69)
sembly (59).
through housing assembly (59) and secure
x. Remove screw (9), lockwasher (10),
in place with retaining ring (46). Install
and plate (11) that secure thrust washer
arm assembly (49) on shaft assembly (69)
(19), gear (20), worm (21), and thrust
and secure taper pin (48).
washer (22) to housing assembly (59).
d. Apply locktite (American Sealants,
Note. Do not disassemble screw (39), yoke (40),
Grade C, or equivalent) to threads of ball
and worm (21).
plunger (38). Install ball plunger (38) into
y. Remove screw (28), lockwasher (27),
housing assembly (59); bottom the ball
flatwasher (26), and remove housing (25)
plunger (38) against cam (80) on shaft as-
from housing assembly (59). Remove lamp
sembly (69) and then back off ball plunger
(24) from housing (25). If bushing (23) is
one-eighth to one-quarter turn.
damaged, press it from housing assembly
Note: Before meshing the anti backlash gear as-
sembly (36) with another gear, advance the anti-
backlash floating gear two teeth, then mesh.
96. Selector Mechanism Reassembly
e. Place thrust washer (76) on shaft as-
sembly (75). Insert shaft assembly (75)
through housing assembly (59) and secure
with retaining ring (61). Position coupler
In reassembling the gear train, start at

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