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Page Title: First and Second If. Amplifiers V301 and V302
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Figure 17. First transmitter mixer, V304, schematic diagram.
and resistor R303 is removed, raising the
C341, C334, and C331 provide a low-im-
screen, grid voltage of V301.
pedance path to ground for rf signals. The
range of frequencies produced by V304 is
coupled from the plate of V304 to the par-
52. Second Transmitter Mixer V101
allel-tuned circuit of Z302 (fig. 8) through
coupling capacitor C335. Parallel-tuned
a. Tube V101 functions as a mixer stage
circuit Z302 selects the desired if. signal
that heterodynes the 20.0- to 29.9-mc sig-
in the 20.0- to 29.9-mc range.
nal from second if. amplifier V302 (para
51) with the output frequency (200 to 370
51. First and Second If. Amplifiers V301
mc) of the uhf injection stages to produce
and V302
the final carrier frequency between 220 to
399.9 mc. The uhf system operates in the
The 20.0- to 29.9-mc signals from mixer
same manner for both the receive and
V304 (para 50) is coupled to the control
transmit functions of the rt unit. For de-
grid of first if. amplifier V301 through
tailed circuit analysis of the uhf system,
C335, harmonic suppressors L316 and
refer to section III, chapter 2.
L317, C305, and parasitic suppressor
b. The 200- to 370-mc uhf injection fre-
quency is applied to the cathode of V101
R324. First and second if. amplifiers V301
through W4, P3, J112, contacts 6-8 (closed
and V302, provide two stages of amplifica-
on transmit) of injection relay K102,J113,
tion as on receive except that avc lines are
P103, P107, and J107. The 20.0-to 29.9-mc
grounded by contacts 3 and 13 of relay
first if. is applied to the plate of V101
K601 (fig. 26). The output of second if. am-
plifier V302 is coupled to second transmit-
through jack J101 and uhf choke L102.
Plate voltage for V101 is supplied by the
ter mixer V101 (para 52) through coupling
capacitor C315 and plug P302. On transmit,
+125-volt dc supply through plate voltage
the ground at the junction of capacitor C327
dropping resistor R115 and chokes L103

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