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TM 11-4920-296-14&P
module, and processes these signals. If the
output rf pulse during the self-test mode to
frequency and power of the reply pulses are
be fed directly through the receiver circuits,
correct, the REPLY SAMPLE output occurs
to develop a REPLY SAMPLE pulse (one for
from the if. video module and is fed to the
each interrogation pulse. . in that mode).
digital circuits (U3-TP10). During diversity
transponder testing, steering signals are
2-55.  LAMP TEST MODE. To insure that
applied to the logic circuits of the if. video
all "result indicator" lamps of the test set
module; if the if. pulses are not received
are operative, the FUNCTION switch is
on the line that transmitted the strongest-
placed in the LAMP TEST position. This
signal, the if. video module circuits inhibit
action applies an input to the evaluator U4
any REPLY SAMPLE output. Thus, replies
stages controlling the ACCEPT and REJECT
received from the wrong output of the trans-
lamps, to cause both lamps to light simul-
ponder will cause a REJECT indication.
taneously at this time. The front panel
switch also supplies a ground path to the
2-52.  During side-lobe operation, an SLS
CODE ZEROIZE lamp to make it light.
pulse input (U4-TP1) to the if. video module
circuits is processed to produce an output
to the rf microstrip module, and causes
attenuation of the side-lobe pulse of any in-
test set can be operated from either ac or
terrogation pulse set (side-lobe pulse as
dc power sources, by means of the two
types of power cables, and its two POWER
switches. AC power must be in the range
tude of the other interrogation pulses). If
side-lobe operation is not in effect, the SLS
of 103.5 to 126.5 V ac, at frequencies of
pulse input is disabled, and all interroga-
50 to 70, or 380 to 420 Hz. DC power for
tion pulses are transmitted with the same
the test set must be 25.0 to 31.0 V dc.
Figure 3-6 shows the schematic diagram of
the power supply circuits of the set. For ac
2-53.  During diversity operation, circuits
power operation, the input voltage is applied
of the if. video module, in response to ALT
t o a step-down transformer/bridge-
CHAN GATE input from the digital section,
rectifier/filter circuit as shown. The output
provide the actual steering control signals
dc voltage is then applied to two integrated-
to the rf microstrip module, to alternately
circuit voltage regulator stages; these same
direct strongest (6 dB difference) interro-
stages receive the dc input power during dc
gations to first the NORMAL and then the
DIVERSITY. Simultaneously, the steering
signals are applied to the logic circuits of
2-57.  The integrated circuit voltage regu-
the if. video module, to enable them to
lator stages produce outputs of +12 V dc (at
determine if the replies are received from
330 mA, 0.1 percent regulation) and +5 V
the correct diversity output.
dc (at 600 mA, 0.1 percent regulation) that
are applied to the solid-state circuits of the
2-54.  Although not specifically mentioned
test set, and to the indicator lamps as
during the previous discussions, the trans-
shown. The regulator stages contain inter-
mitter oscillator circuits and the receive
nal current-limiting, thermal-shutdown,
LO circuits are not simultaneously gated-on.
and safe-area compensation capabilities.
These oscillators are controlled by the
INTERR and VIDEO GATE inputs to the rf
2-58.  T h e dropping-resistor in series
module, respectively; the INTERR inputs
with the +5 V dc regulator minimizes the
occur during the encode cycle and the
differential voltage across the regulator
VIDEO GATE inputs occur during the
stage. A series-dropping resistor is con-
decode cycle.  During self-test mode how-
nected in the dc power input line, to drop
ever, a VIDEO GATE input occurs to enable
that voltage to the same range as the dc
the receiver circuits of the rf module
output produced by the rectifier/filter
simultaneously with INTERR inputs to its
circuits (during ac power operation).
transmitter circuits. This then allows each

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