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Page Title: Table D-1. Test Equipment and Accessories
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one location; or selecting items that appear defec-
fication work orders (MWO) a listing of current modi-
tive, will not be utilized.
fication work orders will be found in DA Pam 310-7.
d. Bench Test Requirements. Bench tests are re-
(2) Sample size. Use table I, MIL-STD-105D
quired to assure that the equipment operates satis-
to obtain the sample size utilizing the storage quality
factorily and has not been damaged in shipping and
level shown in (3) below.
handling. Radio Sets AN/ARC-51X and AN/ARC-
51BX in storage for a period of time are subject to
(3) Storage quality levels (SQL).
deterioration and bench tests shall be conducted on
(a) Mechanical-visual inspection: Critical SQL
all items before shipment. The test equipment re-
1.0 percent; major SQL 2.5 percent; minor SQL 10
quired to test the radio set is listed in table D-1.
(b) Electrical: Critical SQL 1.0 percent; major
SQL 2.5 percent.
(c) Preservation,  packaging, packing, and
Equivalent test equipment may be substi-
marking major SQL 4.0 percent; minor SQL 10
(d) The acceptance or reject number for the
Table D-1. Test Equipment and Accessories
above SQL shall be the same as those shown for
comparable acceptance quality levels (AQL) in table
II-A of MIL-STD-105D.
c. Inspection Requirements. The following me-
chanical-visual inspection shall be performed:.
(1) Inspect equipment covers and front panels
for condition of finish and panel markings.
(2) Inspect for dents, punctures, or warped areas.
(3) Inspect springlock fasteners and receptacles.
(4) Inspect external surfaces for loose or missing
screws or washers.
(5) Inspect receptacles for condition of pins,
contacts, mounting, and for foreign particles.
(6) Inspect air filters and air outlet.
(7) Operate all controls through all their posi-
tions. (Do not disturb screwdriver adjustments).
Controls shall operate smoothly with no binding.
Control knobs shall be tight on their shafts with no
missing or loose hardware.
(8) Check for meter damage and broken indicator
glass on radio set control and reflectometer.
` (9) Inspect all exposed metal surfaces for rust
(1) Input requirements.
and corrosion.
(a) Electrical power. The AN/ARC-51( )X
(10) Inspect safety wiring on the wingnut fast-
eners on the mounting.
Radio Set has been designed for reliable operation
(11) Check the mechanical action of the switches
when provided dc electric power having the charac-
and knobs. They shall move smoothly, free of binding
teristics required in MIL-STD-704; however, for the
and scraping on the radio set control.
purpose of the test required herein the power shall
(12) Inspect handles for looseness and defects.
be 305 watts at 27.5 volts 0.5 volts dc.
(13) Check the pressure indicator. There shall
(b) Air pressure. A source of air, 3 to 6 psi
be 3 to 5 psi internal air pressure in the receiver-
such as provided from a tire pump is required to
(14) Remove and inspect the air filter.
pressurize the Receiver-Transmitters RT-742/ARC-
(15) Inspect solder connections for missing solder,
51BX and RT-742B/ARC-51BX.
cold solder, insufficient solder, excessive solder,
(2) Pressurization check. With the RT-742/ARC-
and improper wrap.
51BX and RT-742B/ARC-51BX covers in place, pres-
(16) Inspect for illegible, incorrect, or missing
surize with air to 6 psi. Check pressure after stand-
ing for 24 hours at the same temperature and al-
(17) Inspect the equipment for applicable modi-

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