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Page Title: Section I. INTRODUCTION
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reference designations cross-referenced to page
1. Scope
This manual lists repair parts and special tools
required for the performance of organizational,
3. Explanation of Columns
direct support, general support, and depot main-
tenance of the AN/TMQ-5, AN/TMQ-5A, AN/
The following provides an explanation of columns
in the tabular lists:
TMQ-5B, and AN/TMQ-5C.
a. Source, Maintenance, and Recoverability
2. General
Codes (SMR).
This Repair Parts and Special Tools List is divided
(1) Source code indicates the selection sta-
into the following sections:
tus and source for the listed item. Source codes
a. Prescribed Load Allowance (PLA) --Section
II. A composite listing of repair parts, special
P --Repair parts which are stocked in or sup-
tools, test and support equipment having quanti-
plied from the GSA/DSA, or Army
tative allowances for initial stockage at the or-
Supply system, and authorized for use
ganizational level.
at indicated maintenance categories,
b. Repair Parts for Organizational Mainte-
P2 --Repair parts which are procured and
nance--Section III. A list of repair parts author-
stocked for insurance purposes because
ized for the performance of maintenance at the
the combat or military essentiality of
organizational level.
the end item dictates that a minimum
c. Special Tools, Test and Support Equipment
quantity be available in the supply sys-
for Organizational Maintenance--Section IV. A
list of special tools, test and support equipment
P9 --Assigned to items which are NSA design
authorized for the performance of maintenance
controlled: unique repair parts, special
at the organizational level.
tools, test, measuring and diagnostic
d. Repair Parts for Direct Support, General
equipment, which are stocked and sup-
Support, and Depot Maintenance--Section V. A
plied by the Army COMSEC logistic
list of repair parts authorized for the performance
system, and which are not subject to
of maintenance at the direct support, general
the provisions of AR 38041.
support, and depot level.
P10--Assigned to items which are NSA design
controlled: special tools, test, measuring
e. Special Tools, Test and Support Equipment
and diagnostic equipment for COMSEC
for Direct Support, General Support, and Depot
support, which are accountable under
Maintenance--Section VI, Not applicable.
the provisions of AR 38041, and which
f. Index--Federal Stock Number Cross-Refer-
are stocked and supplied by the Army
ence to Figure and Item Number or Reference
COMSEC logistic system.
Designation--Section VII. A list of Federal stock
M --Repair parts which are not procured or
numbers in ascending numerical sequence, fol-
stocked, but are to be manufactured at
lowed by a list of reference numbers appearing in
indicated maintenance levels.
ascending alpha-numeric sequence, cross-refer-
enced to the illustration figure number and ref-
A  --Assemblies which are not procured or
erence designation.
stocked as such, but are made up of two
or more units. Such component units
g. Index--Reference Designation Cross-Refer-
carry individual stock numbers and de-
ence to Page Number--Section VIII. A list of

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