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Page Title: Chapter 1. INTRODUCTION
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1-1. Scope
those prescribed by DA Pam 738-750 as contained in
the Maintenance Management Update.
a. This manual covers Radiosonde Recorders AN/
b. Report of Packaging and Handling Deficien-
T M Q - 5 , AN/TMQ-5A, AN/TMQ-5B, and AN/
cies. Fill out and forward SF 364 (Report of Discrep-
TMQ-5C (fig. 1-1). Included are instructions for
ancy (ROD)) as prescribed in AR 735-11-2.
troubleshooting, testing, repair and replacement of
specified maintenance parts and calibration at orga-
nizational, direct support, general support, and de-
c. Discrepancy in Shipment Report (DISREP) (SF
pot maintenance levels and depot overhaul stand-
361). Fill out and forward Discrepancy in Shipment
Report (DISREP) (SF361) as prescribed in AR
b. The use of an asterisk in parenthesis (*) is used
to indicate models of an item or equipment that are
sufficiently alike to be treated as a single model
1-4. Reporting  Equipment  Improvement
throughout the manual. Thus: Radiosonde Recorder
Recommendations  (EIR)
AN/TMQ-5 (*) represents Radiosonde Recorders
If your AN/TMQ-5(*) needs improvement, let u s
AN/TMQ-5, AN/TMQ-5A, AN/TMQ-5B, and AN/
know. Send us an EIR. You, the user, are the only one
TMQ-5C. Rawin set AN/GMD-1 (*) represents AN/
who can tell us what you don't like about your equip-
and AN/GMD-1B;
ment. Let us know why you don't like the design. Tell
Humidity-Temperature CP-223 (*)/UM represents
us why a procedure is hard to perform. Put it on an
CP-223B/U M and CP-223C/UM; Control Panel
SF 368 (Quality Deficiency Report). Mail it to Com-
C-834 (*)/TMQ-5 represents C-834/TMQ-5 and
mander, US Army Communications-Electronics Com-
C-834A/TMQ-5; Signal Data Converter CV-146 (*)/
mand and Fort Monmouth, ATTN: AMSEL-ME-MP,
TMQ-5 represents CV-146/TMQ-5 and CV-146A/
Fort Monrnouth, New Jersey 07703-5007. We'll send
T M Q - 5 ; Frequency Time Recorder RD-88(*)/
you a reply.
T M Q - 5 represents RD-88A/TMQ-5, RD-88B/
T M Q - 5 , and RD-88C/TMQ-5; Power Supply
1 - 5 . Administrative Storage
PP-968(*) represents PP-968/TMQ-5 and
Administrative storage of' equipment issued to and
PP-968A/TMQ-5; Electrical Equipment Cabinet
used by Army activities will have preventive main-
CY-1390 (*)/TMQ-5 represents CY-1390/TMQ-5
tenance performed in accordance with the PMCS
and CY-1390A/TMQ-5.
charts before storing. When removing the equipment
c. The maintenance allocation chart is in appendix
from administrative storage, the PMCS should be
p e r f o r m e d to assure operational readiness. Dis-
assembly and repacking of equipment for shipment or
1-2. Consolidated Index of Army Publications
limited storage are covered in TM 740-90-1.
and Blank Forms
Refer to the latest issue of DA Pam 310-1 to deter-
1-6. Destruction of Army Electronics Materiel
mine whether there are new editions, changes, or
Destruction of Army electronics materiel to prevent
additional publications pertaining to the equipment.
enemy usc shall be in accordance with TM 750-244-2.
1-3. Maintenance Forms, Records, and Reports
1-7. Differences in Models
Refer to TM 11-6660-204-10 for an explanation of
a. Reports of Maintenance and Unsatisfactory
the differences between the various models and a de-
Equipment. Department of the Army forms and pro-
scription of the equipment comprising these models.
cedures used for equipment maintenance will be
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