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Page Title: If. Amplifier Alignment, Tuning Unit 2, General
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88. If. Amplifier Alignment, Tuning
Unit 2, General
a. T o a l i g n t u n i n g u n i t 2 , r e m o v e
t h e main unit from its instrument case
(para 40 , item 12, TM 11-6625-351-12),
a n d remove tuning unit 2 from its dust
cover.  Use the test harness to inter-
c o n n e c t tuning unit 2 to the main unit
(fig. 46). Tuning unit 2 employs only one
89, Alignment of 10.7-Mc If. Amplifier
i f . amplifier, tuned to a center frequency
o f 1 0 . 7 m c .  S i m i l a r to tuning unit 1
a . Rotating the FREQUENCY RANGE-
( p a r a 84) all if. transformers are tuned
M C switch to the 20-70-mc position en-
b y means of movable iron cores which
e r g i z e s the 20-70-mc tuner and removes
are terminated in hexagonal nuts. The
operating power from the 70-220-mc tuner.
f o l l o w i n g chart indicates the location of
Operating power is applied to the if. am-
t h e if. alignment adjustments:
plifier in both positions of the band switch.
Set the frequency dial of the tuning unit 2
s i g n a l generator to 10.7 mc. Apply the
output of the tuning unit 2 signal generator
to the input of the if. amplifier as indicated
in the test setup (fig. 91).
(1) Connect Cord CG-55B/U, supplied
with the tuning unit 2 signal gen-
erator, to the f r o n t-panel CAR-
RIER OUTPUT jack of the genera-
tor. This cord is terminated with a
b. Allow tuning unit 2, the main unit, and
R a d i o Frequency Plug UG-2lB/U
tuning unit 2 signal generator to warm up
at each end.
f o r at least 1/2 hour before starting the
(2) F a b r i c a t e a cable assembly; use a
4 - f o o t length of RG-55/U coaxial
c. Set the front-panel c o n t r o 1 s as
cable. Terminate the tuning unit 2
s i g n a l generator end of the cable

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