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Page Title: Reassembly Procedure for Six-Step Signal Attenuator AT702
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the barrel assembly. Twist the de-
the machine screw (14) and bushing
fective fixed attenuator to free its
t w o lugs from the grooves in the
(9) I n s t a l l the assembled rear fixed
connecting tube (44).
fixed plate (3) so that its notched
groove accommodates connector
Caution: Fixed attenuator values
J 7 1 8 (13). Tighten the rear fixed
a r e marked on the rear locating
plate (3) to the sleeve spacers (53)
ring (47). Bc sure to replace the
with the three machine screws (1)
f i x e d attenuator in their proper
and lockwashers (2).
l o c a t i o n s . When replacing either
(10) P u l l the front and rear movable
locating ring (37 or 47), make sure
plates (11 and 20) against the front
that the flats in the center hole of
a n d rear fixed plates (3 and 52).
each locating ring align. The three
Hold the plates in this position, and
machine screws (35 or 45) will then
tighten the two setscrews (23) that
line up with the mating holes on the
secure the bridge (24) to the sleeve
connecting tube (44).
s p a c e r s (53).
b. Reassembly Procedure for Six-Step
(11) P u s h t h e a s s e m b l e d a t t e n u a t o r
Signal A t t e n u a t o r AT702 (fig. 90).
c l o s e d . Now tighten the two set-
(1) W o r k i n g from the rear of the at-
s c r e w s (48) that secure the guide
t e n u a t o r , assemble the barrel as-
(49) to the sleeve spacer. Be sure
sembly (34). Position the assembly
to engage the groove of the guide
s o that the markings on the rear
w i t h the rear locating ring (47).
locating ring (47) face the repair-
Check for smooth riding action
without binding.
(2) P l a c e the assembled bridge (24)
(12) Hold the a s s e m b 1 e d attenuator
a g a i n s t the barrel assembly (34).
c l o s e d , and orient the roller (33)
O r i e n t the spring (32) and roller
s o that it makes contact simulta-
(33) as shown in figure 90.
n e o u s l y with two of the fixed at-
(3) Slide the bridge and barrel assem-
tenuators (38) through 43). Tighten
bly together on the two sleeve
t h e screw (30), and check to see
s p a c e r s (53) and attenuator shaft
that the roller is properly centered.
( 5 6 ) , respectively; orient them as
c. Replacement of Fixed20-DB Attenua-
shown in figure 90. Do not tighten
t o r AT701 (fig. 51-52). Fixed 20-db at-
t h e setscrews (23) at this point.
tenuator AT701 is in series with the output
(4) C o n n e c t the front movable plate
o f inpulse generator G701 (fig. 51) only
(20) to the connecting link rod (19);
when the front-panel calibration switch is
u s e the machine screw (17) and
in the SHUNT CAL position. A convenient
bushing (18).
method of checking the operation of fixed
(5) S l i d e the guide (49) on the third
20-db attenuator AT701 is to set the IM-
sleeve spacer (53) as shown in
figure 90. The thicker ridge of the
MC ON-OFF switch ON and to set the cali-
guide should face the front of the
bration switch to the SHUNT CAL position.
attenuator. Do not tighten the set-
Set the impulse generator coarse and fine
s c r e w (48) at this point of reas-
output controls to a high setting, such as
80. If the panel meter on the test set shows
(6) Engage the rear locating ring (47)
a pointer deflection, this is an indication
with the groove of the guide (49).
t h a t the impulse generator is producing
an output calibrating signal; then connect
(7) Install the rear movable plate (11)
on the attenuator shaft (56) and the
one of the series-calibrated antennas (such
two sleeve spacers (53) that engage
a s the loop, vertical, or discone antenna,
the bridge (24).
depending on the tuning unit used) to the
(8) Connect the rear movable plate (11)
IMPULSE OUTPUT jack on the main unit
to the connecting link rod (16); use
f r o n t panel. Use the green color-coded

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