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Page Title: Description of Antenna AT-884/APX-44
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12. Description of Mounting MT-2100/APX-44
10. Description of Control, Transponder
Set C-2714/APX-44
The mounting is installed on a flat sur-
f a c e within the aircraft. The mounting
a. T h e c o n t r o l u n i t i s a s e p a r a t e l y
consists of a flanged bed, a mountingbase,
housed unit consisting of an illuminated
four resilient mounts, two front holddown
p a n e l on which are mounted the trans-
c l a m p s , and an injector-ejector mecha-
ponder set operating controls. The panel
is illuminated by the panel lights. A U-
n i s m . Bonding between the flanged bed
and mounting base is accomplished with
s h a p e d  c o v e r , attached with machine
f o u r flexible ground straps. A bracket,
screws,  protects the component parts
within the assembly.
with a connector cutout, index pins, and
holddown pins are located on the rear of
b. Power and control cabling is con-
nected to the control unit through a multi-
pin connector on the rear of the chassis.
The control unit mounts in a rack or in a
13. Additional Equipment Required
cutout in the instrument panel of the air-
The following equipment is not supplied
c r a f t .  F o u r quick disconnect fasteners
as part of the transponder set but is needed
secure the front panel to the case.
for use with the set:
a . P o w e r S o u r c e .  A 27.5-volt, direct-
11. Description of Antenna AT-884/APX-44
current (dc) power source is required to
supply power to the transponder set.
b . M i c r o p h o n e . The microphone is part
The antenna is a lightweight blade-type
of the aircraft installation. It is used for
a n t e n n a assembly that is mounted in a
cutout in the skin of the aircraft frame.
modulating radiotelephone equipment and
to control the position identification func-
The antenna is secured to the airframe with
six machine screws. A coaxial cable con-
tion of the transponder set.
nector on the base of the antenna is used
c. Headset. The headset is part of the
t o connect the antenna to the receiver-
aircraft installation. It is used for mon-
itoring the reply pulses transmitted by the
d. Cables. Two cables are required for
connecting the components of the trans-
ponder set:
Figure 3. Control, Transponder Set C-2714/APX-44.
Figure 4. Antenna AT-884/APX-44.

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