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TM 11-5830-255-14
equipment used in precise measurement. Consists
C-1. General
of the comparison of two instruments, one of
This appendix provides a summary of the main-
which is a certified standard of known accuracy,
tenanace operations covered in the equipment lit-
to detect and adjust any discrepancy in the ac-
erature. It authorizes categories of maintenance
curacy of the instrument being compared with
for specific maintenance functions on repairable
the certified standard.
items and components and the tools and equip-
g. Install. To set up for use in an operational
ment required to perform each function. This
environment such as an encampment, site, or
appendix may be used as (an aid in planning
maintenance operations.
h. Replace. T o r e p l a c e u n s e r v i c e a b l e i t e m s
with serviceable like item.
C-2. Maintenance Functions
Maintenance functions will be limited to and de-
i. Repair. To restore an item to serviceable
fined as follows :
condition through correction of a specific failure
of unserviceable condition. This function includes,
a. Inspect. To determine serviceability of an
but is not limited to welding, grinding, riveting,
item by comparing its physical, mechanical, and
straightening, and replacement of parts other
electrical characteristics with established stand-
than the trial and err& replacement of running
spare type items such as fuses, lamps, or electron
b. Test. To verify serviceability and to detect
incipient electrical or mechanical failure by use
j. Overhaul. Normally, the highest degree of
of special equipment such as gages, meters, etc.
maintenance performed by the Army in order to
This is accomplished with external test equip-
minimize time work in process is consistent with
ment and does not include operation of the equip
quality and economy of operation. It consists of
ment  and  operator  type  tests  using  internal
that maintenance necessary to restore an item
meters or indicating devices.
to completely serviceable condition as prescribed
c. Service. To clean, to preserve, to charge,
by maintenance standards in technical publica-
and to add fuel, lubricants, cooling agents, and
tions for each item of equipment. Overhaul nor-
air. If it is desired that elements, such as paint-
mally does not return an item to like new, zero
ing and lubricating, be defined separately, they
mileage, or zero hour condition.
may be so listed.
k. Rebuild. T h e h i g h e s t d e g r e e o f m a t e r i e l
d. Adjust. To rectify to the extent necessary
maintenance. It consists of restoring equipment
to bring into proper operating range.
as nearly as possible to new condition in accord-
ance with original manufacturing standards. Re-
e. Align. To adjust two or more components
build is performed only when required by opera-
or assemblies of an electrical or mechanical sys-
tional considerations or other paramount factors
tem so that their functions are properly syn-
and then only at the depot maintenance cate-
chronized. This does not include setting the fire-
gory. Rebuild reduces to zero the hours or miles
quency control knob of radio receivers or trans-
the equipment, or component thereof, has been
mitters to the desired frequency.
in use.
f. Calibrate. To determine the corrections to
be made in the readings of instruments or test
l. Symbols. The uppercase letter placed in the

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