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Page Title: How to Locate Repair Parts
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TM 11-5821-285-30P
TM 11-1520-211-35, Electronic Equipment Config-
tion Set C-1611D/AIC and Discriminator, Dis-
urations, Army Models UH-1B and UH-1C/M.
crete Signal MD-736/A.
TM 11-5805-552-15P, Adapter, Power Supply
TM 11-5831-201-34P, Control, Intercommunica-
U-383( )/VR.
tion Set C-1611D/AIC and Discriminator, Dis-
TM 11-5810-244-10, Communication Security
crete Signal MD-736/A.
Equipment, TSEC/KY-28.
TM 11-5831-201-35, Control, Intercommunication
TM 11-5810-244-20, Speech Security Equipment
Set C-1611D/AIC and Discriminator, Discrete
Airborne, TSEC/KY-28.
Signal MD-736/A.
TM 11-5810-244-34P, Communication Security
TM 11-5895-555-23P, Control, Indicator, C-8157/
Equipment, TSEC/KY-28.
ARC and Mounting, MT-3802/ARC.
TM 11-5810-247-10, Communication Security
TM 11-5895-555-24, Control Indicator, C-8157/
Equipment, TSEC/HYL-3.
ARC and Mounting MT-3802/ARC.
e. National stock numbers (NSN's) that are missing
TM 11-5810-247-12P, Communication Security
Equipment, TSEC/HYL-3.
from P source coded items have been applied for and will
TM 11-5810-247-34, Communication Security
be added to this TM by future change/revision when they
Equipment, TSEC/HYL-3.
are entered in the Army Master Data File (AMDF). Until
TM 11-5810-247-34P, Communication Security
the NSN's are established and published, submit
Equipment, TSEC/HYL-3.
exception requisitions to:
TM 11-5820-518-20, Radio Sets AN/ARC-51X and
Commander,  US  Army  Communications-Electronics
Command and Fort Monmouth, ATTN: DR-SEL-MM, Fort
TM 11-5810-518-20P, Radio Sets AN/ARC-51X
Monmouth, New Jersey 07703 for the part required to
and AN/ARC-51BX.
support your equipment.
TM 11-5810-518-34P, Radio Sets AN/ARC-51X
5. How to Locate Repair Parts
and AN/ARC-51BX.
a. When National stock number or part number is
TM 11-5820-670-12, Radio Sets AN/ARC-131.
TM 11-5820-670-20P, Radio Sets AN/ARC-131.
(1) First. Using the table of contents, determine the
TM 11-5820-670-34, Radio Set, AN/ARC-131.
functional group within which the item belongs. This is
TM 11-5820-670-34P, Radio Set, AN/ARC-131.
necessary since illustrations are prepared for functional
TM 11-5821-244-12, Radio Set, AN/ARC-54.
groups and listings are divided into the same groups.
TM 11-5821-244-20P, Radio Set, AN/ARC-54.
(2) Second.
Find the illustration covering the
TM 11-5821-244-34, Radio Set, AN/ARC-54.
functional group to which the item belongs.
TM 11-5821-244-34P, Radio Set, AN/ARC-54.
(3) Third. Identify the item on the illustration and
TM 11-5821-285-12, Communications Central, AN/
note the illustration figure and item number of the item.
(4) Fourth. Using the Repair Parts Listing, find the
TM 11-5821-285-20P, Communications Central,
figure and item number noted on the illustration.
AN/ARC-15A(V)1 and AN/ARC-15A(V)2.
b. When National stock number or part number is
TM 11-5821-285-35, Communications Center, AN/
(1) First.
Using the index of National Stock
TM 11-5821-311-12, Receiver-Transmitter, Radio
Numbers and Part Numbers, find the pertinent National
stock number or part number.  This index is in NIIN
TM 11-5821-311-20P, Receiver-Transmitter, Radio
sequence followed by a list of part numbers in
RT- 1167/ARC- 164(V).
alphameric sequence, cross-referenced to the illustration
TM 11-5821-311-34, Receiver-Transmitter, Radio
figure number and item number.
RT- 1167/ARC- 164(V).
(2) Second.  After finding the figure and item
TM 11-5821-311-34P, Receiver-Transmitter, Radio
number, locate the figure and item number in the repair
parts list.
TM 11-5831-201-20, Control, Intercommunication
6. Abbreviations
Set C-1611D/AIC and Discriminator, Discrete
Not applicable.
Signal MD-736/A.
TM 11-5831-201-20P, Control, Intercommunica-
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