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Page Title: Recoverability code
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TM 11-5821-261-35P
d. Unit of Measure (U/M), Column 4. A 2-
character alphabetic abbreviation indicating the
---- Organizational Maintenance
---- Direct Support Maintenance
amount or quantity of the item upon which the
---- General Support Maintenance
allowances are based, e.g., ft., ea., pr., etc.
---- Depot Support Maintenance
e. Quantity Incorporated in Unit, Column 5.
(3) Recoverability code, indicates whether
This column indicates the quantity of the item
unserviceable items should be returned for re-
used in an assembly. A "V" appearing in this
covery or salvage. Items not coded are expend-
column in lieu of a quantity indicates that a
able. Recoverability codes are:
definite quantity cannot be indicated (i.e., wire,
shims, etc).
f. 30-Day DS/GS Maintenance Allowances,
R--Repair parts and assemblies that are econom-
Columns 6 and 7.
ically repairable at DSU and GSU activities
and normally are furnished by supply on an
exchange basis.
Allowances in GS columns are for GS
S--Repair parts and assemblies which are econom-
ically repairable at DSU and GSU activities
maintenance only.
and which normally are furnished by supply
(1) The allowance columns are divided into
on an exchange basis. When items are deter-
mined by GSU to be uneconomically repair-
three subcolumns. Indicated in each subcolumn,
able, they will be evacuated to a depot for
opposite the first appearance of each item, is the
evaluation and analysis before final disposi-
total quantity of items authorized for the number
of equipments supported. Subsequent appear-
T--High  dollar  value  recoverable  repair  parts
ances of the same item will have the letters
which are subject to special handling and are
issued on an exchange basis. Such repair parts
"REF" in the applicable allowance columns.
normally are repaired or overhauled at de-
Items authorized for use as required but not for
pot maintenance activities.
initial stockage are identified with an asterisk
U--Repair parts specifically selected for salvage by
in the allowance column.
reclamation units because of precious metal
content, critical materials, or high dollar value
(2) The quantitative allowances for DS/GS
reusable casings or castings,
levels of maintenance will represent initial stock-
age for a 30-day period for the number of equip-
b. Federal Stock Number, Column 2. This col-
umn indicates the Federal stock number assigned
ments supported.
to the item and will be used for requisitioning
(3) Determination of the total quantity of
parts required for maintenance of more than 100
c. Description, Column 3. This column indi-
of these equipments can be accomplished by con-
cates the Federal item name and any additional
verting the equipment quantity to a decimal fac-
description of the item required. A part number
tor by placing a decimal point before the next.
or other reference number is followed by the ap-
to last digit of the number to indicate hundredths
plicable 5-digit Federal Supply Code for manu-
and multiplying the decimal factor by the parts
facturers in parentheses. Dots . . . preceding the
quantity authorized in the 51100 allowance col-
item name denote indenture relating a repair
umn. Example, authorized allowance for 51100
part to its next higher assembly. Attaching hard-
equipments is 40; for 150 equipments multiply
ware is indented at the same level as the item
40 by 1.50 or 60 parts required.
it attaches. Identifications of the usable on codes
g. 1-Year Allowances Per 100 Equipments
included in Column 3 are:
Contingency Planning Purposes, Column 8. This
column indicates opposite the first appearance
Used on
of each item the total quantity required for dis-
A ------ Serial Nos. 74 through 136
tribution and contingency planning purposes. The
B ------ Serial Nos. 34 through 136
range of items indicates total quantities of all
C ------ Serial Nos. 430--On
E ------ Serial Nos. 2 through 33
authorized items required to provide for adequate
F ------ Serial Nos. 34--On
support of 100 equipments for one year. Subse-
G ------ Serial Nos. 1 through 749
quent appearances of the same item will have
H ------ Serial Nos. 750--On
the letters "REF" in the allowance column.
J ------ Serial Nos. 34 through 73
K ------ Serial Nos. 74--On
h. Depot Maintenance Allowance Per 100
N ------ Serial Nos. 1 through 73
Equipments, Column 9. This column indicates
P ------ Serial Nos. 1 through 136
the first appearance of each item, the total quan-
R ------ Serial Nos. 137--On

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