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Page Title: Figure 3-7. Power Amplifier Block Diagram
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TM 11-5820-919-12
the second converter With USB selected, the upper if
circurits via trhe age autonatic again control signal.
product is passed [80 MHz 5 MHz Xmt Audio] the first
converter then mixed the bandpass filter if.  with a
3-35  POWER AMPLIFIER (Figure 3-7)
The power
specific frequency between 77 and 105 MHz (75 MHz +
amplifier boosts the
0.30-watt output from  the
Xmt RF frequency) The specific mixing frequency is
modulator/demodulator to provide 20-watt (normal) rf
determined At the control panel, made in the synthesizer
power at the antenna. The Xmt RF is preamplified to 2
and precalculated to produce the desired Xmt RF. For
watts in t he output stage. It is then a amplified to about
example, with 5 MHz and US B selected at the control
27 watts in t he output stage. (About 7 watts is lost in the
panel, the LO is 80 MHz and the Xmt RF is {80 MHz
filter and antenna  tuner. )  The DC-DC converter
70MHz Xmt Audio ] or 5 MHz + Xmt Audio.
provides the +30.5v Regulated voltage for the output
stage. The tuner dc source generates +16v Regulated
for use by the antenna tuner during impedance matching
3-34. In receive operation, the flow direction is reverse.
. This is triggered by the Tune In Progress signal from t
The same circuits are used.  Except t hat  certain
he antenna tuner. The tuner dc source compensates for
amplifiers are switched into and out of the system. The
changes in battery v outage and temperature. The power
Rev RF mixes with three 77 105 MHz LO in the first
monitor circuits use the vswr signal from the harmonic
converter to create upper and lower if products...The
filer to protect the power amplifier.  If the antenna is
upper if product is filtered out at filter FL1. The l owe
badly matched to the radio set power reflects back at the
product (75 MHz if) is passed to the second converter
power reflects back at the power amplifier. This could
where it mixes with either 70 (USB) or 80 MHz (LSB.
cause damage. When a poor match occurs, the power
The 5 MHz if, product is passed through filter FL2 while
monitor disables the driver tuning (Tune Check Enable)
the upper if. Product is filtered out.  The 5-MHz if, is
and  sends  ALC  Feedback  signal
to  the
mixed with 5 MHz in the third converter to create the
modulator/demodulator. The ALC controls the rf power
Rev Audio. The level of the receive signal is c controlled
output level of the receiver/exciter in transmit operation.
at the second and third converters bay the hybrid audio
Figure 3-7. Power Amplifier Block Diagram

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