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TO 31R2-2GRC171-2
TM 11-5820-815-14
NAVELEX 0967-LP-544-5010
relay is deenergized if the squelch is turned off, or if the
incoming rf signal decreases below squelch threshold, or
module A6. In addition, the +26-V de voltage is applied
if the transmitter is keyed (key 1 key line).
to the C-7999/GRC-171 to power panel lights and to the
power lamp (AlOAlDS1) on the front panel to provide
indication that the radio set is turned on.
4-33.  Internal to dc-dc converter module A5, +26 V dc
4-30.  Refer to the power distribution diagram of figure
is applied to a second dc-dc converter that develops 100,
FO-14. The power supply for the receiver- transmitter
10, and -17 V dc (-12 and +5 V dc). The 100-V dc output
consists of de-de converter module A5, voltage regulator
is applied through a low-pass filter (L10- C12) to rf filter
module A6, and power supply components mounted on
module A7.  The other two voltages from the dc-dc
chassis A10.  Unless otherwise specified, reference
converter are applied through low-pass filters (L1-C1, L2-
designators apply to chassis A10.
C2, L7-C8, and L8-C9)tothe+5.1- and -12-volt series
regulators of voltage regulator module A6. Positive 26 V
4-31.  Input ac voltage (J7-B and A) or battery voltage
dc from the regulating dc-de converter is applied through
(J7-E and D) is applied to the front panel POWER
a low-pass filter (L4-C4) to the +12-volt series regulator.
ON/OFF switch (A10AlSl) through the emi filter and the
In addition to +5.1, 12, and +22 V dc, the voltage
filter formed from  chassis-mounted inductors and
regulator module provides zener regulated +14 V dc and
capacitors. When the POWER switch is on, ac voltage
a diode developed -0.7 V de. The output voltages from
is applied through fuses A10A1F2 and A10A1F3 to
the voltage regulator module are applied to circuits of the
transformer T1.  In figure FO-14, transformer T1 is
receiver- transmitter. The -0.7-V dc voltage is applied to
shown connected for 120-volt operation.  Through a
the REMOTE/LOCAL switch.
The purpose of this
strapping option on chassis A10 (refer to figure FO-34),
voltage is to compensate for the diode drop of isolation
the input to transformer T1 can also be connected for
diodes used in the frequency select circuit and in the
105-, 210-, or 240-volt operation. The output of T1 is
power on-off circuit.
rectified and filtered into an unregulated dc voltage by
rectifier diodes CR1 and CR2 and filter capacitors C15
and C16. The battery voltage from the power switch is
4-34.  The remote on/off input to the regulating de-dc
applied to the filter capacitors through fuse AlOAlF1 and
converter is used to turn the radio set on and off. When
diode CR3.  Diodes CR1, CR2, and CR3 provide
the remote on/off input is open, the regulating dc-dc
isolation between the ac and dc power sources. Either
converter is on and power supply voltages are applied to
power source can power the radio set.  Floating the
turn the radio set on. When the remote on/off input is
battery across the power supply provides automatic
ground (0 volt applied), the regulating dc-dc converter is
backup power in the event of an ac power failure.
off. This causes all power supply voltages to go to zero
Through a battery charger connected to the battery
to turn the radio set off.  When the REMOTE/LOCAL
charger output (J22-c), the battery can be maintained in
switch is in the REMOTE position, the radio set is turned
a fully charged condition while operating off the ac power
on by setting the C-7999,/ GRC-171 PWR ON,/OFF
switch to ON which opens the remote on/off line. When
the PWR ON/OFF switch is set to the OFF position, -0.7
V de is applied through diode CR16 of the C-7999/GRC-
4-32.  The unregulated de voltage is applied to the
171. This applies 0 volt to the remote on/off line to turn
regulating dc-dc converter of de-de converter module A5.
the radio set off. To turn the radio set on locally when it
Through a remote sensed output, the dc-dc con- verter
has been turned off remotely, the REMOTE/LOCAL
maintains regulated +26 V de across filter capacitor C14
switch is set to the LOCAL position.  This opens the
The regulated +26 V de is applied through filters FL1 and
remote on/off line to turn the radio set on. To turn the
FL2 to power amplifier module A8 and through a low-
radio set off locally when it has been turned on remotely,
pass filter (L5-C6) to the 22-volt series regulator of
the front panel POWER switch is set to OFF.  This
voltage regulator
removes input voltage from the regulating dc-de
4-5/(4-6 blank)

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