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Page Title: Legs, Electrical Equipment MT-2786/ PRC -47.
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TM 11-5820-509-12
CX-8393/PRC -47. Cable Assembly Power Electrical CX-
radio set without requiring continuous use of the
8393/PRC-47 (fig. 1-3) contains two conductors that per-
handset or headset.
mit interconnection of the receiver-transmitter and a nor-
n. Case, Radio Set CY-3700/PRC -47. Case, R a-
mal single-phase primary power source. No termination
dio Set CY-3700/PRC-47 (fig. 1-5) is used to store
is provided on one end of this cable since some adjustment
and transport Radio Set AN/PRC-47.  The co m-
in cable length may be required for individual installa-
partmentalized metal carrying case provides storage
tions; the other end is terminated in a Bendix plug.
space for all the major units and accessory items
i.  Legs, Electrical Equipment MT-2786/ PRC -47.
except for the electrolyte. A pressure relief valve is
Legs, Electrical Equipment MT-2786/ PRC-47 (fig. 1-6)
provided on the front of the case.
are used in the portable application only. They provide
o.  Adapter, Cable to Connector U-239/PRC -.
support of the receiver-transmitter in an upright position
Adapter,  Cable  to  Connector  U-239/PRC-47
and serve as mechanical connection points for the equip-
(fig. 1-8) is used during fsk operation. An fsk co n-
ment end of the receiver-transmitter case and adjusted to
verter (not provided) must also be used during this
level the equipment. The eight radials are then spread out
oper ation.
to form a ground plane and their inner ends terminated on
p. Rucksack Frame Accessories . These access o-
the ground posts of the receiver-transmitter. Figure 1-7
ries consist of the following:
illustrates the configuration of the ground-plane radial
(1) Two rucksack frames (fig. 1-4) are provided:
one used to carry the receiver transmitter the other
j. Handset H-33G/PT. Handset H-33G/PT (fig. 1-6) is a
to carry the accessories in (2) through (6) below.
telephone-type assembly used for voice communications.
(2) A rucksack secured to the frame to carry
It is equipped with a push to talk switch that is held closed
Cable Assembly, Power Electrical CX-8394/ PRC-
during transmit periods but can remain open when re-
ceiving incoming signals.
(3) A battery retainer, mounted beneath the
k. Headset, Electrical H-233/PRC -47 and Telegraph
rucksack, to carry the battery.
Key J-45. Headset, Electrical H-233/PRC-47 and Tele-
(4) An antenna case, strapped to one side of the
graph Key J-45 (fig. 1-8) are used together during tele-
rucksack,  to  carry  dismantled  Antenna  AS-
graph operation; the headset is worn on the head and the
telegraph key is strapped to the leg. These items are con-
(5) A canvas case, strapped to the other side of
nected to the front panel of the receiver- through Cable
the rucksack, to carry dismantled Legs, Electrical
Assembly, Special Purpose, Electrical, Branched CX-
Equipment MT-2786/PRC-47.
(6) Assorted straps used with the rucksack
Cable Assembly, Special Purpose, Electrical,
Branched CX-8396/PRC - 47. Cable Assembly, Special
q. Additional Equipment Required. In order for
Purpose, Electrical, Branched CX-8396/PRC-47 provides
the radio set to be operated during the teletype (fsk)
a connection to the receiver-transmitter for the headset
mode, a converter such as Converter-Oscillator CV-
and telegraph key ( k above) when telegraph operation
786/.TRC-75 (TM 11-5820-527-15) must be used;
using the radio set is desired.
in order for the radio set to be operated by remote
m.  Dynamic Loudspeaker LS-166/U . Dynamic
control, Control Group AN/GRA-6 (TM 11-5038)
Loudspeaker LS-166/U (fig. 1-8) is an optional a c-
must be used .
cessory that permits monitoring at the output of the

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