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TM 11-5820-509-12
b. Running Spares. The chart below lists the running
oblock  cases.
Three  batteries  /two  of  them
spares for the radio set. The two spare batteries are
spares),shipped dry with electroylyte separate, form a
stored in the radio set case (fig. 2-2); the two fuses and
normal complement for each radio set. The battery is
the four lamps are stored inside the receiver-transmitter
normally supported in a battery retainer attached to the
panel cover (fig. 1-6).
accessories rucksack frame for portable operation of the
radio set. For further information on the battery, refer to
TM 11-6140-208-16.
Battery, Storage BB-451/U
c.  Adapter, Battery Terminal MX-4430/ PRC-47
Fuse, cartridge: 20A, 125V,
(fig. 1-6).  The MX-4430/PRC-47 furnished for use
with, and fits on top of, the battery. The adapter in-
Fuse, cartridge: 5A, 250V
cludes a carrying handle and a receptacle to permit con-
nection of Cable Assembly, Power Electrical CX-
Lamp ,incandescent: 28V,
8395/PRC-47 for battery operation of the radio set. The
MS26237 -387
adapter is keyed to fit on the battery only one way.
1-7. Description
Antenna AS-1320/PRC-47.
Antenna AS-
Radio Set AN/PRC-47 (fig. 1-1) consists of several ma-
1320/PRC-47 (fig. 1-2) is a 15-foot whip antenna that is
jor units and a number of accessories that are required
used in conjunction with the ground-plane radials at-
for operation.  These major units are a receiver-
tached to Legs, Electrical Equipment MT-2786/PRC-47.
transmitter, a silver-zinc battery, a power cable for bat-
The antenna is sectionalized into eight 20-inch sections
tery (portable) operation that connects to a battery ter-
plus a 20 inch threaded stud and is stowed in a canvas
minal adapter, a handset, and a whip antenna (fig. 1-2).
carrying case attached to the accessories rucksack frame
In addition, an ac cable and a do cable are provided for
fixed station and vehicular operation respectively
e. Cable Assembly, Power Electrical CX-8395/PRC-
(fig. 1-3). The radio set is divided into two parts for
47. Cable Assembly, Power Electrical CX-8395/PRC-47
portage; each part being attached to a separate rucksack
(fig. 1-6) is a rubber insulated cable. The cable contains
frame for ease of handling (fig. 1-4). One frame carries
two conductors and is. terminated in connectors (Bendix
the battery retainer and battery, battery cable, whip an-
plugs) that permit interconnection of the receiver and
tenna, and accessory items required for portable opera-
the battery terminal adapter.
tion. When desired to store the equipment, or when nec-
f. Antenna AS-1321/PRC-47. Antenna AS-1321/PRC-
essary to ship' the equipment, a radio set case (fig. 1-5)
47 (fig. 1-8) is a sectionalized, rubber insulated, 45-foot
is provided. The case is waterproof and compartmen-
long-wire antenna provided to improve the radiation
talized to protect the individual radio set units and ac-
efficiency of Radio Set AN/PRC-47 when it is operated
cessories, and is equipped with carrying handles that
in a less-than-desirable location, or when long commu-
permit easy handling. The radio set units and accesso-
nication paths are used. This antenna is equipped with
ries are described below.
an insulated endfitting adapter that permits connection
a. Receiver-Transmitter, Radio RT-671/ PRC - 47.
directly to the front of the receiver-transmitter in the
Receiver-Transmitter, Radio RT-671/ PRC-47 (fig. 1-6)
portable configuration. For mobile and fixed site appli-
consists of an equipment chassis, an equipment case,
cation, the adapter is removed and connected to the ex-
and Cover, Panel CW-647/PRC-47.. With the panel
isting antenna. Two strain insulators are strategically
cover secured to the unit, a waterproof assembly is ob-
located along the length of the insulated conductor {at
tained. Removal of this cover permits access to the front
15 and 25 feet) to permit coarse adjustment of radiator
panel operating controls and receptacles of the RT-
length to compensate for adjustments in transmitter op-
671/PRC-47. In normal operation, the panel cover is
erating frequency.
removed and stowed on the rear side of the RT-
g. Cable Assembly, Power Electrical CX 8394/PRC -
671/PRC-47, using the threaded fasteners that normally
47. Cable Assembly, Power Electrical CX-8394/PRC-47
secure the RT-671/PRC- 47 case to the rucksack frame.
(fig. 1-3) contains two conductors that permit intercon-
b. Battery, Storage BB - 51/U. Battery, Storage BB-
nection of the receiver-transmitter and the vehicular
451/U (fig. 1-6) is a 16-cell, silver- plate, wet elec-
power source. One end is terminated in a Bendix plug;
troylyte, 24-volt unit that is contained in a watertight
the other end is terminated in two terminal lugs.
glass filament-epoxy case, having a stainless steel cover
h. Cable Assembly, Power Electrical
plate.  The battery consists of four replaceable mon-

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