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Page Title: Depot Overhaul Standards Performance Tests
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TM 11-5820-401-35-1/NAVELEX 0967-432-3020
the particular manufacturer of the equip-
or V of J71, measure 1,110 ohms (single winding
ment. For such information, address cor-
of K71).
respondence to Commander, US Army
(c) Between pin U of J71 and pin U of
Electronics Command, ATTN: AMSEL-
J72, measure 2,200 ohms (both windings of K71 ).
PEEC, Fort Monmouth, N.J. 07703.
b. Repair. Repair parts for the C-2742/VRC
a. Applicable References.
and parts location illustrations are provided in
appendix B. Replacement of relay K71 is discussed
(1) Repair standards. Applicable procedures
in paragraph 2-7. After replacement of a part,
of the depots performing the tests and general
make sure that the mounting screws and lock-
standards for repaired electronic equipment given
nuts are tightened securely. Before replacing the
in TB SIG 355-1, TB SIG 355-2, and TB SIG
back cover, apply a light coating of insulating
3553 form a part of the requirement for testing
silicon compound (FSN 68508807616), or equal,
the C-2742/VRC.
to the preformed packing in the cover.
(2) Modification work orders. Peform all
modification work orders (MWO's) applicable to
2-11. Depot Overhaul Standards
the C-2742/VRC before making the tests of the
Performance Tests
C-2742/VRC. DA Pam 310-7 lists all current
The tests on repaired equipment are designed to
measure the performance capability of the equip-
b. Test Equipment and Test Cables Required.
ment. Equipment that is returned to stock should
The required items are given in paragraph 2-9.
meet the standards given in the tests.
c. Depot Overhaul Standards.
(1) Test setup (figs. 2-7 and 2-8).
The depot overhaul standards (c below)
(a) Connect one test cable No. 3 to J1 and
should not be used to test the perform-
another test cable No. 3 to J2 of C-2742/VRC.
ance of new equipment; that is, equip-
(b) Connect the PP-1104/G to terminals
ment that has not been repaired or re-
M (+) and A () of test cable No. 3 connected
built. Such equipment should be tested
to J71.
for conformance with the electrical and
(c) Adjust the output of the power supply
operational tests cited in MIL-C
to 25.5 volts.
55127 (EL) under which the equipment
(2) Procedure.  Perform the operations in
was manufactured including any waiv-
the sequence given in the following chart. The
ers and/or changes to the specification
required performance standards are indicated.
which were imposed upon or granted to
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