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Page Title: Second Receiver Audio Amplifier V804
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vide proper termination impedance for the
43. Second Receiver Audio Amplifier V804
filter network. Contacts 11-3 of K801 sup-
ply ground through contact S of P801 to the
a. Tube V804, a type 5670, is a parallel-
retransmit equipment.
connected dual triode that amplifies the
c. The input signal is developed across
output of first audio amplifier V504 (para
grid resistor R822, amplified by V804, and
41) and drives the receiver audio output
applied to the primary of T801. Cathode
stage. When the rt unit is used in the trans-
bias is provided by R827 which is bypassed
m i t function, this state functions as a
for audio frequencies by C814. Plate volt-
modulation driver. When this equipment is
age for V804 is supplied through the pri-
used for broadband operation, V803 (para
mary of T801.
64) is a preamplifier for V804.
44. Output Amplifiers V805, V806, V807, and
b. When the NOR-BB switch S801 is set
to NOR, the input signal is coupled through
contacts 6-4 of S801B, through low-pass
filter L801, C806, and C807; contacts 1-3
a. The receiver audio output stage is a
of S801A, input adjustment resistor R826,
class AB  2, push-pull-parallel power am-
i s o l a t i n g resistor R825, contacts 8-14 of
plifier that consists of tubes V805, V806,
V 8 0 7 , and V808. Tube V805 is parallel
K801, and through parasitic suppressors
R 8 4 4 and R845 to both control grids of
with V807 and tube V806 is parallel with
V804. Jack J802 is a test point for measur-
V 8 0 8 . The secondary winding of trans-
ing or injecting audio signals at the con-
former T801 supplies equal excitation sig-
t r o l grids of V804. Resistor R802 is an
nals, 180 out of phase, to the control grids
input matching resistor for the low-pass
of the two parallel combinations. The am-
plified outputs of the parallel combinations
filter, and resistors R808 and R826 pro-

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