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TB 11-5820-890-12
"Program" - This option allows the user to select default programs. Screen reads "Current default:
RDS/Press [CLR]:" Programs then shown are "RDS", "SOI", and "RADIO". Pressing '[DEL]" deletes default
currently displayed; pressing ENTR for one of the other programs causes it to become the default.
"Comm_Mode" - Screen reads "Display Comm Mode/Change Comm Mode". Selecting display provides
"Comm Mode:" DS-101/Press [CLR]:" Selecting change provides "Select New Comm Mode:/RS 232 DS-
101'. Changing the "Comm Mode" is required primarily for uploading audit data from an ANCD to an LCU.
"Light" - Screen reads "Light-Shutoff Time 00:20/New (mm:ss):" This feature allows for adjusting the
amount of time the built-in night light (for viewing with night vision device) remains on after each activation.
The range is from 0 to 60 minutes.
"Keypad" - This feature provides for selection of full or limited keypad.
"UTIL" - This feature allows access to audit file, data file management, and CIK generation. A supervisory CIK may be
required for access. Use of this feature by other than fully qualified communications maintainers and supervisors can
quickly take the ANCD out of action. Each option is covered below:
"Audit" - Selecting audit provides options of 'Upload", "View', "Reset", and "rEmote".
"Upload" - Enables the user to transfer audit data from an ANCD to an LCU.
"View" - Allows the user to scroll, using Page Up and Page Down, through all audit data stored in the
"Reset" - This option deletes all stored audit entries and should be used only when clearing of the audit
memory is authorized and intended.
"rEmote" - This feature is of no interest to SINCGARS users and should not be used unless specially
directed by higher authority.
"Load" - This feature allows the ANCD to be loaded with an application program such as SOI, RADIO, or
SUPERVISOR. There is no requirement for this feature for SINCGARS users, and it should not be used at any
"Erase" - This feature allows for deletion of application programs (SOI, RADIO, SUPERVISOR ). IT SHOULD
NOT BE USED AT ANY TIME. Should the application programs be deleted, the ANCD has to be returned to the
factory, or depot to be reloaded.
"Format" - Offers a choice of B, C, or D drives of the ANCD. Use of this feature immediately reformats the drive
selected and zeros all data. This is another option that should not be used at any time.

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