Quantcast Reassembly of Front Plate Components


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Page Title: Reassembly of Front Plate Components
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Disassembly of Front Plate Components
TM-11-5820-222-35 Radio Sets AN/VRC-24 and AN/TRC-68 Manual
Separation of Front and Rear Plates

(f) Secure each dial assembly (44),
(32) and the four relay pawls (38),
(45), (46), and (47) to the front
(39), (40), and (41).
plate with two retaining screws
( b ) Remove the two retaining screws
(42) and washers (43). Replace
(42) and washers (43) on each dial
washer (49) and cable clamp (48)
assembly, and remove dial as-
before securing dial assembly
semblies (44), (45), (46), and (47).
Remove washer (49) and cable
(g) Replace relay pawls (38), (39),
clamp (48) from dial assembly
(40), and (41) and secure them
with retaining rings (32).
( c ) Remove two screws (50), two
washers (51), and two washers
(2) Replacement of relay K1204.
(52), and remove wafer switch
(a) Reassemble relay K1204 (36) and
S1202 (54) and two spacers (53).
bracket (37), and secure them
( d ) Remove two screws (55) and
with four screws (25) and wash-
washers (56) and remove connec-
ers (26).
tor plate (57) from the front plate.
(b) Replace relay K1204 on the front
Disassemble connector J1201
plate (13) and secure it with two
(58) by removing two screws (59).
screws (18) and washers (19) and
( e ) Remove the screw that fastens
one screw (20), washer (21), and
the ground lug to the front plate
spacer (22). Be sure that pawl
immediately above the 10.0-mc
(38) is between the lever arm and
dial assembly (45).
the spring of relay K1204.
(f) Remove two screws (63),
(3) Replacement of relay K1203.
washers (64) and (65), and re-
(a) Reassemble relay K1203 (33),
move the two cable clamps (66)
bracket (34), and cable clamp
along the left edge of the front
(35), and secure with four screws
plate (13).
(25) and washers (26).
(b) Fasten relay K1203 (33) to front
f. Reassembly of Front Plate Compo-
plate (13) with two screws (18)
nents (fig. 96).
and washers (19) and one screw
(1) Replacement of dial assemblies,
(20), washer (21), and spacer
switch S1202, and jack J1201.
(a) Position the front plate cable as-
(4) Replacement of relay K1202.
sembly as shown in figure 101.
(a) Secure plate (27) to front plate
Replace the cable clamps (66),
washers (65) and (64), and screws
(13) with one roundhead screw
(63) to secure the cable assembly
(31) and one flathead screw (30).
Be sure that flathead screw (30)
along the left edge of the front
is one-fourth-inch long so that it
plate (13).
will not contact the cam on the
Replace the ground lug above the
opposite side of the front plate.
10.0-mc dial assembly (45).
(b) Reassemble relay K1202 (28) and
Reassemble  connector  J1201
bracket (29) with four screws
(58), springs (60), and plate (62),
and secure to connector plate
(25) and washers (26).
(c) Secure relay K1202 (28) to front
(57) with screws (59) and posts
plate (13) with two screws (18)
Secure the assembled connector
and washers (19) and one screw
to the front plate with two screws
(25) and washer (26).
(5) Replacement of relay K1201.
(55) and washers (56).
Replace wafer switch S1202 (54)
(a) Reassemble relay K1201 (23) and
and two spacers (53), and secure
bracket (24) and secure them with
to the front plate with two screws
four screws (25) and washers
(50) and washers (51) and (52).

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