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Page Title: Radio Set AN/TRC-68 Power Control
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TM-11-5820-222-35 Radio Sets AN/VRC-24 and AN/TRC-68 Manual
Figure 24. Radio Set AN/VRC-24, power control, schematic diagram.

S701 or S1505, is momentarily turned to
lamp on Radio Set Control C-1439/
the ON position, contact X1 of power re-
U, and the dial lamps on the front
lay K1801 is grounded and the relay is
energized. Contacts A1 and A2, B1 and
b. POWER OFF Control. When the
B2, and D1 and D2 of K1801 close and
POWER control (S701) on the rt unit or
connect the 115/230-volt ac source to the
POWER control (S1505) on Radio Set Con-
transformer T1801 and T1802 primary
trol C-1439/U is momentatily turned to the
windings (fig. 29). In addition, holding con-
OFF position, the positive terminal of
tacts C1 and C2 complete a path to ground
TB1703 is connected to both sides of the
for relay coil X1 through resistor R1803
power relay K3 coil (contacts 5 and 6).
so that when the POWER control is re-
The equal voltage across the coil reduces
leased, relay K1801 remains energized.
the current flow to zero and the relay is
The holding ground circuit is routed
deenergized. Relay contacts 1 and 4 open
through the ac case blower plugs H and F
and remove the +26.4-volt dc supplied to
of P1401 and the Centrifugal Fan HD-
the dynamotor, dc case blower, filament
390/U plugs P1051-D and P1051-A so that
and the light circuits. Relay contacts 2-3
the radio set will not operate unless these
open to break the ground return for K3.
blowers are connected.
Resistor R2 prevents a direct short cir-
b. POWER OFF Control. When the front
cuit across the vehicle battery.
panel or the C-1439/U POWER control,
S701 or S1505, is momentarily turned to
81. Radio Set AN/TRC-68 Power Control
the OFF position, the +26.4 volts dc ap-
plied to contact X2 of relay K1801 is also
applied to contact X1. The relay coil is
Radio Set AN/TRC-68 is powered by a
short-circuited and relay K1801 is deen-
115- or 230-volt, 50-60 cps, ac source,
ergized. All the relay contacts open and
applied to the primary windings of trans-
remove the 115/230 volts ac input from
formers T1801, T1802, and T1803 (fig.
the primary windings of transformers
29). Transformer T1803 is energized
T1801 and T1802. Resistor R1803 pre-
whenever the equipment is connected to
vents a direct short circuit across the
the primary power source. A full-wave
bridge rectifier circuit on the secondary
rectifier consisting of CR1813, CR1814,
of transformer T1803 until relay contacts
CR1815, and CR1816, across the secondary
C1 and C2 release. The primary of trans-
of transformer T1803, produces +26.4
former T1803 is connected through fuse
volts dc.
F1801 and terminals 13 and 14 of P1801
a. POWER ON Control. When the front
panel or the C-1439/U POWER control,
(fig. 29) to the ac power input at all times.

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