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Page Title: Special Information
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(1) Figure number.
Indicates the figure
b. Federal Stock Number.  Indicates the Federal
number of the illustration on which the item is shown in
stock number assigned to the item and will be used for
TM 114-662812.
requisitioning purposes.
(2) Item number.  Indicates the item number
c. Description.  Indicates the Federal item name
or' reference designation used to reference the item in
and a minimum description required to identify the item.
the illustration.
The last line indicates the reference number followed by
the applicable Federal Supply Code for Manufacturer
(FSCM) in parentheses.  The FSCM is used as an
1-4. Special Information
element in item identification to designate manufacturer
or distributor or Government agency, etc., and is
a. Usable on codes are included in column 3.
identified in SB 70&42.
Uncoded  items  are  applicable  to  all  models.
Identification of the usable on codes used in this
publication are:
For  requisitioning  purposes,  the
Used on
Federal  stock  number  must  be
converted  to  the  National  stock
b. The  following  publications  pertain
number by adding "-W" after the
AN/ARM-71 and its components:
Federal stock classification (FSC)
code (first four digits) For example,
TM 11-6625-583-12
Operator and
FSN 6625-653-0142 converts to NSN
6626( 553-0142.
Maintenance Manual:
Test Set, Receiver,
d. Unit of Measure (UIM). Indicates the standard
Radio AN/ARM-71.
or basic quantity by which the listed item is used in
TM 11-6625-583-20P
performing the actual maintenance function.
Maintenance Repair
measure is expressed by a two-character alphabetical
Parts and Special Tools
abbreviation; e.g., ea, in, pr, etc., and is the basis used
Lists: Test Set, Radio
to indicate quantities and allowances in subsequent
Receiver AN/ARM-71,
columns. When the unit of measure differs from the
FSN 662&965B1341.
unit of issue, the lowest unit of issue that will satisfy the
required units of measure will be requisitioned.
1-5. Location of Repair Parts
e. Quantity Incorporated in Unit.  This column
indicates the quantity of the item used in the equipment.
a. This manual contains one cross-reference index
Subsequent appearances of the same item in the same
(sec IV) to be used to locate a repair part when either
assembly are indicated by the letters "REF".
the  Federal  stock  number  or  reference  number
f. 30-Day DS/GS Maintenance Allowances.
(manufacturer's part number) is known.
The first
column in the index is prepared in numerical or
alphanumeric sequence in ascending order.
Allowances in GS column are for GS
reference numbers (manufacturer's part numbers) are
maintenance only.
listed immediately following the last listed Federal stock
number in the index of Federal stock numbers.
(1) The repair parts indicated by asterisk
b. When the Federal stock number or reference
entries in separate allowance columns for DS and GS
number is known, follow the procedures given in (1) and
represent those authorized for use at that category of
(2) below.
maintenance to be requisitioned on an "as required"
(1) Refer to the index of Federal stock
basis, until stockage is based on demand in accordance
numbers (sec IV) and locate the Federal stock number
with AR 710-2.
or reference number. The FSN and reference number
(2) Allowance quantities are indicated in the
are cross-referenced to the applicable figure and item
special tool lists section for special tools, TMDE, and
number or reference designation.
other support equipment.
(2) Refer to the repair parts list (sec II) and
g. 1-Year  Allowances  Per  100  Equipments
locate the figure number (col 10a) and item number or
Contingency Planning Purposes. Column intenyionally
reference designation (col O10b) as noted in the FSN
left blank.
h. Depot  Maintenance  Allowance  Per  100
c. When the figure and item number or reference
Equipments.  This column indicates opposite the first
designation are known, scrutinize columns 10a and 10b
appearance of each item the total quantity authorized
of the repair parts list (see II) until the item is located.
for depot maintenance of 100 equipments.
i. Illustration. This column is divided as follows:

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