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Page Title: Replacement of Parts, Minor Components for Use with Tuning Units 2, 3, and 4
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(d) Open or shorted circuit in the
f r o m the center conductor to the
output red color-coded
w i p e r  arm of switch section
connector J1101 (fig. 81). Check
S1001B. Also check for infinite re-
f o r continuity from the center
s i s t a n c e between the center con-
c o n d u c t o r to the wiper arm of
ductor of J1001 and the outer shell.
section S1101B. Also
If replacement of J1001 is re-
c h e c k for infinite resistance be-
quired, be sure to tag the lead
tween the center conductor of
connected from S1001B wiper arm
J1101 and the outer shell. If re-
t o J1001, before unsoldering, to
p l a c e m e n t of J1101 is required,
f a c i l i t a t e proper rewiring.
be sure to tag the lead connected
from S1101B wiper arm to Jll0l,
77. Replacement of Parts, Minor
b e f o r e unsoldering, to facilitate
Components for Use with Tuning
p r o p e r rewiring.
Units 2, 3, and 4
e.  Loop  Antenna  AT-l026/URM-85  (fig.
a. General. After completing the tests
83). Disconnect the signal generator from
outlined in paragraphs 72 through 74, the
the test setup (fig. 79), and use the method
c h e c k i n g performance of this minor com-
s i g n a l substitution technique can be used
ponent as outlined in paragraph 43b, steps
f o r determining whether parts within the
70 through 72, TM 11-6625-351-12. If trou-
m i n o r components supplied for use with
ble is encountered in testing anyone of the
tuning units 2, 3, and 4 require repair or
six bands, refer to the schematic diagram
r e p l a c e m e n t . These tests are performed
with the applicable tuning unit installed in
(fig. 36) and to the exploded view (fig. 83).
Avoid unnecessary disassembly; follow the
t h e tuning unit compartment of the main
exploded view and disassemble only to the
unit. Similar to the procedure outlined in
e x t e n t necessary to correct the trouble.
p a r a g r a p h 7 la, the following procedures
P o s s i b l e sources of trouble are:
a r e based on the assumption that sources
(1) O p e n or shorted ferrite core step-
of trouble in the installed tuning unit and
t h e main unit- have been eliminated. All
up transformers T1001 through
t e s t s use Cable Assembly Set, Electrical
T1004, mounted on terminal board
MX-3410/URM-85 as the means of coupling
the test signal from the output of the minor
(2) B a n d switch S1001 fails to make
c o m p o n e n t under test to front-panel SIG
c o n t a c t in any or all of the six
NAL INPUT jack (J705). It is only neces-
p o s i t i o n s . In bands 5 and 6 (fig.
sary to test the performance of the minor
3 6 ) , no coupling transformer is
component with either tuning unit 2, 3, or
u s e d . If trouble is encountered in
4 installed in the main unit. For conven-
either of these bands, suspect faulty
ience, the 20- to 70-mc band of tuning unit
contacts 5 and 6, and the wiper on
2 is used throughout the following pro-
section C of S1001.
c e d u r e s . Set the front-panel controls as
(3) O p e n circuit in the impulse gen-
listed in paragraph 72a; monitor the output
e r a t o r injection network, consist-
signal by observing the pointer deflection
i n g of series resistor R1001 and
on the main unit panel meter. If desired,
shunt resistor R1002 (fig. 36). Do
simultaneously monitor the modulated test
not attempt to replace the individual
signal with the headset. Use tuning unit 4
r e s i s t o r s , s i n c e they are housed
signal generator as the signal source, with
and inaccessible w i t h i n green
1,000-cps modulation, and proceed as in-
color-coded connector assembly
dicated in b below.
J1002; if trouble is isolated to this
b. Coupler, Radio Frequency Interfer-
c i r c u i t, replace the entire con-
e n c e CU-897/URM-85 (fig. 38 and 84). In
n e c t o r assembly.
the test setup of figure 79, replace tuning
(4) Open or shorted circuit in the sig-
unit 1 signal generator with tuning unit 4
n a l output red color-coded con-
s i g n a l generator. Use an alligator clip to
nector J1001. Check for continuity

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