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Page Title: CW AVERAGE Position of Function Switch
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plier circuit. The metering signal is
respective load resistors, R712,
coupled to the negative terminal of M701
R713, R714 and R715.
a n d continues through the meter move-
(2) Plate circuits. The plates of each
ment to the positive terminal of M701.
s e c t i o n of cathode follower V702
b. S702 Front, Section Y. C o n t a c t i s
are directly connected to the +150-
m a d e between terminals 1 and 2 so that
volt output of the power supply.
the metering signal has a path of continuity
(3) Detailed circuit description. S i n c e
a detailed circuit description of the
s w i t c h S704, which normally is closed.
c a t h o d e follower depends on the
Switch S704 is provided as a chassis ad-
p o s i t i o n of function switch S702,
justment control for peaking the if. cathode
t h e description of current flow in
f o l l o w e r stages in the if. amplifiers of
t h e metering circuit is covered in
turning units 2, 3, and 4. (There is no if.
t h e following paragraphs of func-
c a t h o d e follower in tuning unit 1.) Find
tion switch operation.
resistor R717 is inserted in the meter
path as an additional meter multiplier
18. CW AVERAGE Position of
w i t h the switch in its open position. An
Function Switch
a d d i t i o n a l meter multiplier is necessary
because adjustment of the peaking coils in
T h e following subparagraphs describe
the if. cathode followers of tuning units 2,
the circuit conditions for the C W AVER-
3 , and 4 requires overdriving the meter
AGE position of function switch S702. Fig-
b e y o n d its full-scale indication. Capacitor
u r e 8 shows that the output of cathode
C 7 0 8 damps the meter movement when
f o l l o w e r V702A is developed across load
M E T E R DAMP switch S703 is thrown to
r e s i s t o r R712 and cathode-bias resistor
its ON position or held in its MOM posi-
t i o n . This switch, which provides an ac
wafer switch S701 in any position except
p a t h through capacitor C708 and resistor
0 CW ONLY, the signal is coupled through
R 7 2 3 across the meter terminals, is used
meter multiplier resistor R722 to ter-
when low-signal levels cause erratic meter
minal 2 of function switch S702 (rear). In
p o i n t e r fluctuations. The metering signal
the 0 CW ONLY position of S701, resistor
h a s a return path fo the +150-volt power
R 7 2 2 is bypassed by the wiper and ter-
s u p p l y through the normally closed con-
m i n a l 2 of the switch; the meter is then
tacts of switch S704, fixed resistor R716,
1 0 - d b more sensitive than in any other
ZERO ADJ control R715, and V702B.
p o s i t i o n of S701 (para 12c). The various
c. S702 Front Section Z. C o n t a c t i s
s e c t i o n s of fiction switch S702 provide
made between terminals 2 and 3 only in the
a path of continuity for the metering signal
C W AVERAGE position of the function
as follows:
s w i t c h . Under this condition, the 6.3-volt
a c output from the power supply passes
a. S702 Rear, Section X. Contact is
through feedthrough capacitor C751 and rf
m a d e between terminals 2 and 3 so that
coil L711 in the filter box, to terminal 18
the metering signal has a path of continuity
o f main unit receptacle J701. The mating
through rf filter FL702. This filter houses
plug at the rear of the tuning unit applies
feedthrough capacitors C706 and C707, rf
this 6.3-volt ac potential to the heaters of
c o i l s L720 and L721, and fixed resistor
t w o thermal relays in the detector and
R725. Resistor R725 functions as a meter
e l e c t r o m e t e r assembly. The load imped-
multiplier with no phone plug inserted into
a n c e of the two detectors in the electro-
R E C O R D E R EXT METER jack J704. The
meter assembly is reduced with the heaters
i n s e r t i o n of a phone plug into jack J704
o f the relays energized. This action is
r e m o v e s R725 from the metering signal
e q u i v a l e n t to lowering the time-constant
path and substitutes the internal resistance
o f either the remote meter or a record-
i n the detector charging circuit. The pur-
i n g meter (depending on the device used
pose of this circuit is to enable the elec-
a t the remote site) into the meter multi-
trometers to measure the average envelope

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