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Page Title: Section I. INTRODUCTION
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1. Scope
numbers should be requisitioned by Federal Supply
This publication provides an overprinted DA Form 2062
Code for Manufacturers (FSCM) and part number
(Hand Receipt) which lists the contents of Components
directly from: US Army Communications-Electronics
of End Item (COEI), Basic Issue Items (BII), and Addi-
Command, ATTN: DRSEL-MM, Fort Monmouth, NJ
tional Authorization List (AAL) items related to Radio
Set AN/ARC-164(V)12 and Radio Set AN/ARC-
j. Item Description (Column b). Identifies the item
contained in the COEI, BII, and the AAL. It will also
2. General
contain nomenclature, serial/USA number (if ap-
a. Section II is the overprinted DA Form 2062
plicable) that will be useful in identifying and controll-
which lists the line item entry for System/End Item and
ing the item. Serial number is to be inserted and initialed
the contents of COEI, BII, and AAL extracted from
on all copies by hand receipt holder.
TM 11-5841-286-13. The listings consist of exactly the
k. (Column c.). The Accounting Requirements
same items and are in the same sequence as those listings
Code (ARC) is entered here.
in TM 11-5841-286-13.
b. The overprinted DA Form 2062 will eliminate
The Accounting Requirements Code (ARC)
manual preparation of the form and will assist organiza-
refers to property accountability, not to
tions in inventorying and accounting for property as re-
disposal authority. Disposition action and
quired by AR 710-2.
authority for an unserviceable item is
c. Local reproduction of the overprinted DA Form
governed by the recoverability code (5th
2062 is authorized. However, organizations shall com-
position of the SMR code) assigned to the
ply with local policies in the reproduction of DA Form
item in the RPSTL.
2062 by office copying equipment, field printing plant,
One of the following codes will apply:
or duplicating plant facilities.
(N) for Nonexpendable: Items not consumed in
d. Additional copies of this publication may be re-
use,  retaining their
quisitioned from The US Army Adjutant General
identity during use,
Publications Center, 2800 Eastern Blvd. Baltimore, MD
a n d requiring that
21220, in accordance with the procedures in chapter 3,
accountability be
AR 310-2, and DA Pam 310-10-2.
maintained through-
out the life of the
ExIanation  of  Blocks  and  Columns
(DA Form 2062)
Nonconsumable compon-
(D) for Durable:
a.  From. Enter the organization for which the pro-
ents of sets, kits, out-
perty book is maintained.
fits and assemblages;
b. To. Enter the Unit Identification Code (UIC) and
all tools in FSC'S
the hand receipt file number of the unit\personnel
5 1 1 0 , 5120, 5130,
receiving the property.
5 1 3 3 , 5140, 5180,
c. Hand Receipt Number. Enter a locally designated
5220 and
number. Use it to post the location of property in the
5280; and any other
property book.
nonconsumable with a
d. End Item Stock Number. Contains the National
p r i c e in excess of
Stock Number (NSN) of the end item covered by the
$50.00 not already
hand receipt.
e. End Item Description. Contains and end item
(X) for Expendable:
Items, regardless of type
short title.
classification or price
f. Publication Number. Contains the TM number
and which are con-
of the technical manual containing the Operator/Crew
sumed in use. Includes
instructions for the equipment.
all class 9 repair parts.
g. Publication Date. Date of the Operator/Crew
Items not consumed in
use which cost $50.00
h. Quantity. Quantity of the end item covered by
or less and not already
this hand receipt.
"N" or "D".
i. Stock Number (Column a). National stock
number of the item described. Items without stock

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