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T.O. 12P4-2APX-142
NAVAIR 16-35C6280-1
TM 11-5641-268-25
maintainability status of the parts used in the transponder
set controls. Policies, general information, and procedures
108. Two part number columns, one for each contractor,
for changing source and maintenance coding are contained
are used in the Group Assembly Parts Lists. The part num-
in T.O. 00-25-195. Generally, the source codes and mainte-
ber listed may be the contractor's number or the Govern-
nance repair level codes herein (see Source Code and Repair
ment standard part number. Where a dash () is shown in
Code columns) were assigned by Air Force personnel when
one part number column (to indicate a deliberate omission)
this equipment was purchased. Assignment of codes was in-
and a part number is shown in the other part number col-
fluenced by (a) maintenance policies, (b) predicted mainte-
umn, it indicates that the part is limited in use to the con-
nance actions, (c) base facilities and capabilities, and (d)
tractor for whom the part number is shown. Other part
economic considerations. Definitions of these codes follow:
numbers, such as the manufacturer's part number for the
part used by the contractor, are included within paren-
Code "P" is applied to parts on which
theses in the Description column at the end of the part
usage is anticipated or known. Code "P"
parts may be requisitioned and installed by
109. The numerical code inserted at the top of each Part
any maintenance level unless followed by
Number column identifies the contractor (refer to para-
the letter "D" (depot), which restricts re-
graph 1017). The numerical code for the manufacturer of
quisition and replacement to depot level
the part, if other than the contractor, is included within
only. Restricted service manufacture is
parentheses, together with the manufacturer's part number,
considered practicable, but only after an
in the Description column at the end of the part description.
attempt has been made to procure from
It should be noted that the absence of a numerical code
supply sources.
and part number following a part description indicates that
Code "P1" is applied to parts which are
the item is either a contractor's part or a Government stan-
very difficult, impractical, or uneconomi-
dard part.
cal to manufacture. Code "PI" parts may
be requisitioned and installed by any main-
tenance level unless followed by the letter
1011. APPLICABILITY. In the Group Assembly Parts
"D" (depot), which restricts requisition
Lists, a letter designation inserted in the Usable On Code
and replacement to depot level only.
column indicates a limitation of use of the part. The absence
of a code in the Usable On Code column indicates that the
P1D Code "P1D" identifies parts which may be
part so listed is usable as a replacement in all transponder
requisitioned and installed by Air Force
set controls, if used for the same function. The applicability
activities which are authorized depot-level
of these codes is defined in paragraphs 1012 and 1013.
maintenance only. This code is applied to
parts which are impractical for service
101 2. CODES A AND B. Control, Transponder Set
C-6280(P)/APX and Control, Transponder Set C-6280A(P)/
APX can be used in aircraft having either a 6-volt or 28-volt
Code "P2" identifies insurance-type spare
panel-illuminating lamp supply, provided the lamps installed
parts which can be installed by any Air
have the same voltage rating as the aircraft's lamp supply.
Force activity consistent with the Com-
To distinguish between these lamps, the Usable On Code
mand's authorized scope of maintenance.
"A" has been assigned to the 6-volt lamps and the Usable
This code is applied to such parts which
On Code "B" has been assigned to the 28-volt lamps.
are basically structural and for which no
usage is anticipated or known; require spe-
1013. CODES C', D, AND E. Usable On Codes "C," "D,"
cial tools, templates, and/or jigs and are
and "E" are used to designate differences between the falters
very difficult, impractical, or uneconomi-
of the panel light holders. Code "C" is used for the blue-
cal to manufacture by Air Force activities.
white filter, code "D" is used for the red filter, and code
These items are not subject to periodic re-
"E" is used for the clear falter.
placement or wearout but may require in-
frequent replacement as a result of acci-
dents or other unexpected occurrences.
1015. (Navy) Definitions and an explanation of Source,
Recoverability /Accountability, and Kit Codes used in the
P2D Code "P2D'' identifies insurance-type spare
Numerical Index of this manual are contained in BUWEPS
parts which may be installed by Air Force
activities which are authorized depot-level
maintenance only. This code is applied to
1016. (Air Force) Source Codes in the Source Code col-
umn of the Numerical Index indicate the procurability and
parts as described under Code "P2."

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