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Page Title: Purpose. and Use
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TM 11-5831-201-20
1-5. Purpose. and Use
8 max.
2 pounds
Weight . .
Set C-1611D/AIC
a. Control, Intercommunication
Input voltage
(control set) is  used as part of a multistation inter-
5.6 watts.
Power requirements
communication  and radio control system in Army
Power output
aircraft. The system may include maximum of six
60 mw.
control sets,  eight  radio receivers, and four radio
200 mw.
b. The control sets are used by aircraft crewmen
1-6.1. Item Comprising an Operable
(1) Control intercommunication through the air-
Control, intercommunications Set C-1611D/AIC (NSN
craft's interphone system.
583 1-00-933-9822) comprises an operable equipment.
(2) Control voice radio communication (air-to-air
or air-to-ground) through a maximum of four radio
1-7. Description
transmitter-receiver combinations.
The C-1611D/AIC consists of a wraparound type metal
(3) Monitor the output of a maximum of three
housing with removable front and rear mounting plates
navigational type radio receivers.
(covers). Multiconnector pin receptacle J 1 and relay K1 are
(4) Route the output of an emergency radio re-
mounted on the rear cover. Connector J 1 mates with air-
ceiver directly to the earphones independent of the con-
craft cable assembly plug connector providing connections
trol set.
to and from the other associated equipment in the system.
c. A typical system using the control set is shown
The controls; RECEIVERS switches, VOL, Transmit-inter-
In figure 1-2. The actual number and types of radio
phone selector switch, and two panel lights are mounted
transmitters and receivers, and the numbers of con-
on the front mounting plate and extend through cutouts in
the front panel. All control markings are engraved on the
trol sets used in an aircraft are determined by the
translucent front panel which is edge-lighted by the two
type of aircraft in which they are installed. All con-
panel lights. The front panel is secured to the front mount-
trol sets are normally connected to the same radio
ing plate by four screws. A plastic switch guard is mounted
receivers. Usually, only two control sets (such as
over RECEIVERS switches. There are eight Dzus fasteners
chose used by the pilot and copilot) are connected to
on the front mounting plate which secure the control set
the radio transmitters. All control sets in the air-
to the airframe. The interior of the control set housing
craft are connected to the interphone line. The navi-
contains three printed circuit boards designated as follows:
gational-type equipment (marker beacon, low fre-
A2, Headset Amplifier
quency navigation, very high frequency (vhf), and
A3, Microphone Preamplifier
navigation receivers) are monitored as a group. The
A4, Microphone Amplifier
emergency receiver output is always connected to
Switch board Al, is mounted on the front mounting
the earphones and cannot be turned off at the control
plate. Printed circuit boards A2, A3, A4, are removed
set. A crewmember may select and use any one of
by sliding out toward the front, after removing front
four radio transmitters connected to a particular
panel and mounting plate, and U-shaped aluminum
control set.
d. The private interphone line (fig. 1-2) is an option
that provides intercommunication between any two
1-8. Additional Equipment Required
stations in an aircraft that is specifically wired to use
this option. The private interphone line cannot be
Control Set, C-1611D/AIC requires a power source of
monitored by other stations connected in the inter-
27.5 vdc for normal operation. A typical aircraft in-
communication system.
stallation consists of the following
a. Radio Transmitters. A maximum of four radio
1-6. Technical Characteristics
transmitters may be used with the control set. Ra -
Input impedance:
dio transmitters, such as the transmitter portion of
R e c e i v e r . . . . . . .150 ohms.
Receiver-Transmitter, Radio RT-348/ARC-54 ( part Of
Microphone . . . . . . . . . . . . ..8 ohms.
Radio Set AN/ARC-54), may be used to transmit
Output impedance
voice signals to other aircraft or ground stations.
Transmitter . . . 150 ohms"
b. Radio Receivers. A maximum of eight radio
Headset . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..8 ohms.
receivers may be used with the control set. Four
Radio facilities
of the radio receivers, such as the receiver portion
Transmitters . . . . . .  . 4 max

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