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Page Title: How to locate Repair Parts
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TM 11-5830-255-14
manual/directive for specific instructions.
b. Federal Stock Number. Indicates the Fed-
The repair parts indicated by asterisk entries in
eral stock number assigned to the item and will
separate allowance columns for DS and GS re-
be used for requisitioning purposes.
present those authorized for use at that category
c. Description. I n d i c a t e s t h e F e d e r a l i t e m
of maintenance to be requisitioned on an "as
name and a minimum description required to
required" basis until stockage is baaed on de-
identify the item. The last line indicates the re-
ference number followed by the applicable Fed-
eral Supply Code for the Manufacturer (FSCM)
in parentheses. The FSCM is used as an element
tentionally -left blank.
in item identification to designate manufacturer
or distributor or Government agency, etc., and
is identified in SB 708-42.
E q u i p m e n t s . This column indicates that the
items identified with an asterisk are authorized
d. Unit of Measure (U/M). Indicates the stand-
to be requisitioned as required.
ard or basic quantity by which the listed item is
used in performing the actual maintenance func-
l. Illustration. This column is divided as fol-
tion. This measure is expressed by a two-character
alphabetical abbreviation, e.g., ea, in, pr, etc., and
(1) Figure  number.  Indicates  the  figure
is the basis used to indicate quantities and al-
number of the illustration on' which the item is
lowances in subsequent columns. When the unit
of measure differs from the unit of issue, the
lowest unit of issue that will satisfy required
(2) Item number. Indicates the callout num-
unit8 of measure will be requisitioned.
ber used to reference the item on the illustra-
e. Quantity Furnished with Equipment (Basic
Issue Items Only). Not applicable.
B-4. Special Information
f. Quantity Authorized (Item Troop Installed
Not applicable.
or Authorized Only). Not applicable.
g. Quantity Incorporated in unit. I n d i c a t e s
B-5. How to locate Repair Parts
the quantity of the item used in the breakout
a. When Federal stock number or reference
shown on the illustration figure, which is pre-
number is unknown:
pared for a functional group, subfunctional group,
or an assembly.
(1) First. Find the illustration where the
repair parts belongs.
h. 15-Day Organizational Maintenance Allow-
(2) Second. Identify the repair parts on the
(1) The repair parts indicated by an aste-
risk in the allowance column represent those au-
(3) Third. Using the Repair Parts Listing,
thorized for use at the organizational category,
find where the repair part belongs and locate the
and will be requisitioned on an "as required"
illustration figure and item number noted on the
basis, until stockage is based on demand in ac-
cordance with AR 710-2.
(2) Major Army commanders are authorized
b. When Federal stock number or reference
to approve reduction in the range of support

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