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Page Title: Chapter 1. INTRODUCTION
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TM 11-5826-257-24
Section I.
1-1. Scope
in AR 55-38/NAVSUPINST 4610.33B/AFR 75-18/
MCO P4610.19C and DLAR 4500.15.
This manual describes Radio Receiver R-1963/
ARN (fig. l-l) and covers its operation, preflight
1-4. Warranty
check, and organization, direct and general sup-
port maintenance. It includes operating instruc-
a. This equipment is under a Reliability Im-
tions, cleaning and inspection of equipment, re-
provement Warranty. To insure validation of the
available to
p l a c e m e n t  o f  components
warranty, the following steps must be taken when
organizational maintenance, and direct support
returning discrepant equipment.
and general support bench tests.
(1) DA Form 2407 is to accompany the equip-
ment to the contractor's facility.
(2) Fill in the required information on the
WARRANTY NOTICE attached to the equip-
This receiver must not be repaired by
maintenance personnel under the terms
b. Failure to provide the information required
of the warranty. This manual contains
by these documents may invalidate the warranty.
instructions to be followed when the re-
c. Opening of the unit or destruction of the
ceiver fails. Never break or tamper with
tamperproof seal shall be cause to invalidate the
the warranty seal.
warranty on this equipment.
d. Return the equipment as expeditiously as
possible to the contractor at the address shown
1-2. Indexes of Publications
on the warranty notice (fig. 12).
a. DA Pam 310-4. Refer to the latest issue of
DA Pam 310-4 to determine whether there are
15. Reporting Equipment Improvement
new editions, changes, or additional publications
Recommendations (EIR)
pertaining to the equipment.
EIR's will be prepared using DA Form 2407
b. DA Pam 310-7. Refer to DA Pam 310-7 to
(Maintenance Request). Instructions for repairing
determine whether there are modification work
EIR's are provided in TM 38-750, The Army
orders (MWO's) pertaining to the equipment.
Maintenance Management System. EIR's should
be mailed direct to Commander, US Army Elec-
tronics Command, ATTN: DRSEL-MA-Q, Fort
1-3. Forms and Records
Monmouth, NJ 07703. A reply will be furnished
a. Reports of Maintenance and Unsatisfactory
direct to you.
Equipment. Maintenance forms, records, and re-
ports which are to be used by maintenance per-
sonnel at all maintenance levels are listed in and
1-6. Administrative Storage
prescribed by TM 38-750.
Administrative storage of equipment issued to
b. Report of Packaging and Handling Deficien-
and used by Army activities shall be in accord-
cies. Fill out and forward DD Form 6 (Packaging
ance with TM 740-90-1.
Improvement Report) as prescribed in AR 700-58/
NAVSUPINST 4030.29/AFR 71-13/MCO P4030.29A,
and DSAR 4145.8.
1-7. Destruction of Army Electronics Materiel
c. Discrepancy in Shipment Report (DISREP)
Destruction of Army electronics materiel to pre-
(SF 361). Fill out and forward Discrepancy in
vent enemy use shall be in accordance with TM
Shipment Report (DISREP) (SF 361) as prescribed

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