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Page Title: Removal and Replacement of NDB Board Chassis Assembly
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TM 11-5725-271-34
(41), lockwasher (40), and flat washer (39) and reinstall
securing solder-lug (42).
Identify the location of the two solder lugs
(6)  Connect two BNC connectors (37) to the rf
(26) held in place by the connector XA4
filter assembly AlA5 (38).
attaching hardware.
(7)  Refer to figure 4-1 (3). From the inside of
the cabinet, insert BNC connector J3 (31) through the
(8)  Remove one nut (21), lockwasher (20) and
hole in the cabinet and aline the four mounting holes.
flat washer (19) securing two solder lugs (18) to the
(8)  Secure BNC connector (31) and solder lug
mounting bracket. Tag two solder lugs and replace the
(33) to the cabinet using four screws (32), nuts (36),
attaching hardware on the screw for reassembly.
lockwashers (35), and flat washers (34).
(9)  Refer to figure 4-1 (3). Loosen 12 screws
(9)  Install fanning strip (29) on terminal strip
(30) securing the fanning strip (29) to the terminal strip
TB3 of the transformer chassis assembly. Tighten 12
TB3 on the transformer chassis assembly; disconnect
screws (30) on the terminal strip to secure the faning
the fanning strip.
(10) Remove four screws (32), nuts (36), lock-
(10) Refer to figure 4-1 (2).  Secure connector
washers (35), and flat washers (34) securing BNC
XA4 (22) to the bracket using two flathead screws (28),
connector J3 (31) to the cabinet. Tag BNC connector
hex pillars (27), nuts (23), lockwashers (24), and flat
and the one solder lug (33), identify the attaching
washers (25).  Ensure that two solder lugs (26) are
hardware and retain for reassembly.
secured by attaching hardware.
(11) Refer to figure 4-1 (4). Tag and disconnect
two BNC connectors (37) from the rf filter assembly
A1A5 (38).
When  installing  connector  XA4,  make
(12) Remove one nut (41), lockwasher (40), and
certain that pins 1 through 4 are at the front.
flat washer (39) securing the solder lug (42) to the rf filter
assembly AIA5 (38) Tag solder lug and replace the
(11) Remove one nut (21), lockwasher (20) and
attaching hardware on the screw for reassembly.
flat washer (19) and reinstall securing the two solder lugs
(13) Refer to figure 4-1 (5).  Using the pcb
extractors (47), remove the monitor assembly A1A7 (48)
(12) Reinstall 50W pa assembly A1A4 (16) in
and the exciter assembly A1A2 (46).  Retain both
connector XA4 (22) and secure by engaging captive
assemblies for reassembly
screw (17).
(14) Disengage two captive screws (50) on the
(13) Refer to figure 4-1 (1).  Remove one nut
control panel assembly (49) and swing the control panel
(13), lockwasher (12) and flat washer (11) and reinstall
securing solder lug (10).
(15) Remove eight screws (45), lockwashers
(14) Install connector XA6 (15) on the mounting
(44), and flat washers (43) securing the board chassis
bracket using two screws (14), nuts (7), lockwashers (8),
assembly to the cabinet cover; carefully remove the
and flat washers (9).
board chassis assembly. Retain the attaching hardware
for reassembly.
When  installing  connector  XA6,  make
b. Replacement. Proceed as follows.
certain that pin 17 is positioned near the
(1)  Refer to figure 4-1 (5).  Position board
front of the cabinet
chassis assembly so that the eight holes in the board
(15) Insert power probe assembly A1A6 (6) into
chassis assembly aline with the eight clinch nuts on the
connector XA6 (15) and secure to the hex pillars using
inside front cover. Place the loose ends of the cableform
two screws (3), lockwashers(4), and flat washers (5).
into the cabinet.
(16) Install fanning strip (1) on the power probe
(2)  Install and tighten eight screws (45), lock-
terminal strip and secure by tightening three screws (2)
washers (44) and flat washers (43) to secure the board
on the terminal strip.
chassis assembly to the inside of the cabinet cover.
(17) Install the five cable clamps to secure the
(3)  Swing the control panel assembly (49) in.
cableform to the cabinet.
Engage and tighten two captive screws (50) to secure
the control panel assembly.
The one small cable clamp must be used to
(4)  Replace monitor assembly A1A7 (48) and
retain the two coaxial cables leading to the
the exciter assembly A1A2 (46) by inserting pcb into
power probe assembly A1A6.
guide rails (51) and pushing pcb connector into the
cableform connector.
(5)  Refer to figure 4-1 (4).  Remove one nut

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