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Page Title: Removal and Replacement of Control Radio Set C-6287/ARC-51BX (ARC-51BX Control Head)
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TM 11-5821-285-12-1
(2) Rotate the electrical twist lock connectors
(2) Cut and remove the safety wires from the
counterclockwise from mating connector on rear of KY-
wingnut fasteners on the ARC-51BX mounting with a pair
28 control head.
of diagonal pliers. Loosen and swivel the two wingnut
(3) Remove KY-28 control head from console.
fasteners upward to disengage the latches on the ARC-
b. Replacement.
51BX mounting.
(3) Grasp both handles on the dust cover of the
(1) Install KY-28 control head unit into con- sole.
ARC-51BX and slide the ARC-51BX off its mounting.
(2) Connect electrical twist lock connectors clockwise
b. Replacement.
with mating connector on rear of KY-28 control head.
(1) Slide the ARC-51BX into its mounting.
(3) Secure KY-28 control head into console by tightening
(2) Swivel the wingnut fasteners downward to
six Dzus fasteners.
engage the latches on the ARC-51BX mounting. Tighten
the wingnut fasteners and secure the safety wire
5-16. Removal and Replacement of Control
between the mounting and each wingnut fastener.
Radio Set C-6287/ARC-51BX (ARC-51BX
(3) Connect the antenna and power control
Control Head)
a. Removal.
(1) Rotate the four (or eight, as applicable) Dzus
5-18. Removal and Replacement of Receiver-
fasteners one-quarter turn counterclockwise.
Transmitter, Radio RT-1167/ARC-164(Vl
(2) Pull the ARC-51BX control head from its
mounting in the console as far as it will go.
a. Removal.
(3) Disconnect the control cable from the rear of
(1) Be sure that power to the ARC-164 is OFF.
the ARC-51BX control head.
b. Replacement.
(2) Rotate the eight Dzus fasteners that hold the
ARC-164 in the console 1/4 turn counterclockwise. Pull
(1) Connect the cable from the console to the
ARC-164 gently.
connector on the rear of the ARC-51BX control head.
(3) Turn the electrical twistlock connector
(2) Reinstall the ARC-51BX control head in its
counterclockwise from the rear of the ARC-164.
mounting in the console.
(4) Remove the antenna connector from the rear
(3) Rotate the four (or eight, as applicable) Dzus
of the ARC-164 (J2).
fasteners one-quarter turn clockwise.
b. Replacement.
(1) Plug the antenna connector into the antenna
5-17. Removal and Replacement of Receiver-
receptacle and secure.
Transmitter, Radio RT-742/ARC-51BX
(2) Connect the electrical twistlock connector to
electrical  receptacle  (J1)  and  secure  by  turning
a. Removal
(1) Disconnect the antenna and power control
(3) Secure the ARC-164 to the console by
cables from the ARC-51BX.
rotating eight Dzus fasteners 1/4 turn clockwise.

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