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Page Title: Description of Cable Assemblies (fig. 1-11)
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TM 11-5821-285-12-1
connect the cable to a U-94A/U connector. The other
toward the rear.
All cables use the BNC type of
plug is for connection to the aircraft communication
system. The jack is for connection to the aircraft pilot or
(2) UHF-AM rf cable assembly, is a single cable
copilot/observer headset- microphone.
approximately 35 feet long transfers rf energy to and
c. KY-28/TSEC. To operate the FM radios in the
from the UHF/VHF antenna connector on the console to
Antenna AT-450. This cable must be connected when
cipher mode, one KY-28 crypto box must be in- stalled
either the ARC-164 or the my ARC-51BX radio sets are
for each FM radio that is to operate in the cipher mode.
In the secure retransmission mode, one KY-28 must be
b.  Cable Couplers.   Three control cables for
installed in the number 1 location if the operator desires
couplers FM-1, FM-2 and FM-3 radios are provided. FM-
to monitor the secure retransmission message traffic.
1 and FM-2 control cables are each 9 feet long and FM-3
Otherwise, secure retransmission may take place without
any KY-28. C HYL-3/TSEC.  To regenerate secure
control cable is 20 feet long. Each cable is made up of
nine-conductor CO-12LOF(12-22)0325 cable, terminated
retransmissions, one HYL-3/TSEC must be installed.
at  the  ends  with  type  PT06A-12-1OS(SR),  and
PT06A1210P(SR) connectors.  The FM-1 and FM-2
1-13. Description of Cable Assemblies (fig. 1-11)
control cables are required if Antenna Coupler CU-
a VHF-FM Radio Frequency Cable Assembly. (1)
942B/ARC-54 is used. However, if Antenna Coupler CU-
Three RG-58/U cables are provided to transfer rf energy
2206/ARC is used, the cables are not required.
to and from the FM-1, FM-2 and FM-3 antenna ports to
(Antenna coupler CU-2206/ARC may be substituted for
the respective coaxial antenna ports on the front. Two of
CU-942B/ARC-54 at anytime.)
the cables are each 9 feet long. They connect FM-1 and
c.  Power Cable Assembly.  The power cable
FM-2 radios to their respective antenna couplers located
assembly is 15 feet long. It is made up of 15 feet of two-
on the forward portion of each helicopter skid. The third
conductor No. 2 AWG CO-212 cable terminated at one
rf cable is 20 feet long and connects FM-3 radio to
end with connector 164-201-1S(17). The other end has
antenna coupler 3 located underneath the helicopter
the rubber cover cut back and each conductor is
terminated with lugs.

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