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Page Title: Chapter 2. INSTALLATION
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TM 11-5821-227-20
packaging and the transceiver is enclosed in a double
2 - 1 . General
cardboard carton. The three individual cartons are
Since the radio set is normally installed in an aircraft
then placed in a cardboard box which is thoroughly
by the manufacturer of the aircraft, or during a
sealed with paper tape. The box is then sealed inside
retrofit program, limited installation information is
a moistureproof barrier which, in turn, is placed in
and outer fiberboard box sealed with canvas tape.
provided in this chapter.
The radio set is shipped with all pluckout items
2-2 Siting Requirements
The control unit is normally mounted in the cockpit
2-4. Unpacking Instructions
of the aircraft. The minimum space requirements for
the control unit are shown in A, figure 2-1. The
Do not use a heavy instrument, such as a
mounting is normally installed in the electronics bay
crowbar, to pry or dig during unpacking. Be
of the aircraft and the transceiver installed in the
extremely careful to avoid damage to finish
mounting (fig. 1-6). The minimum space require-
ments for the transceiver are shown in B, figure 2-1.
or components.
Be careful while unpacking to avoid rough handling
The minimum space requirements for the mounting
that can damage the equipment or disturb the
(including the mounting hole arrangement) are
adjustments. Follow the procedures listed below to
shown in C, figure 2-1. These illustrations are
avoid damage.
finished primarily for planning purposes only.
a. Maintain the carton in an upright position.
Sufficient space is required at the rear of the control
b. Carefully cut the tape that seals the outer
u n i t for the aircraft wiring harness and the
associated plug which mates with J1 at the rear of
the equipment. Also, adequate space must be
c. Cut the moistureproof barrier and tear it open.
d. Carefully cut the tape that seals the inner box.
provided to perform operating procedures and for
e. Remove the individual cartons one at a time.
removing the control unit from its mounting when
f. Carefully open each carton and remove the radio
necessary. When planning installation of the mount-
set components.
ing, consideration should be given to provisions for
adequate space for making connections to aircraft
2-5. Checking Unpacked Equipment
wiring at the rear of the unit, and for removing the
a. Inspect the equipment for damage that may
transceiver from the front of the mounting.
have occurred during shipment. If the equipment
2-3. Packaging Data
has been damaged, fill out and forward DD Form 6
b. Check to see that the equipment is complete as
The three components of the radio set are shipped in
listed on the packing slip. Report all discrepancies in
a cardboard container, 18 by 16 by 16 inches, with a
accordance with TM 38-750. The equipment should
volume of 2.08 cubic feet. The shipping weight is
be placed in service even though a minor assembly or
approximately 30 pounds. Each of the three compo-
part, that does not affect proper functioning, is
nents is placed in individual cardboard cartons. The
control unit is placed in a plastic bag before
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