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Page Title: Description of External Blower
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TM 11-5820-518-20
is contained in the air filter holder.
surizing valve and a pressure indicator are located
on the front panel of the receiver-transmityte. Two
1-12. Description of Radio Set Control
wingnut fasteners, which attach to the mounting,
are located on the front of the mounting base.
Safety wires (not shown) prevent the wingnut
The radio set control contains operating controls
fasteners from vibrating loose.
for the receiver-transmitter and three panel lamps
1-10. Description of Mounting
(fig. 2-l). The panel lamps are mounted behind the
front panel of the C-6287/ARC-51BX (fig. 1-2). The
radio set control is intended for panel mounting in
The mounting provides a means of securing the
the aircraft and is held in place by four Dzus fas-
receiver-transmitter to a plane surface in the air-
teners (fig. l-l) and eight Dzus fasteners in the C-
craft. The mounting consists of a sheet metal tem-
6287/ARC-51BX (fig. 1-2). Connections to the
plate with holddown hardware. Latches are pro-
receiver-transmitter are made through a connec-
vided to attach the wingnut fasteners on the front
tor on the rear of the radio set control.
of the receiver-transmitter mounting base.
1-13. Description of Reflectometer
1-11. Description of External Blower
The reflectometer is installed on the front of the
receiver-transmitter (fig. l-l) and contains a radio-
The external blower is mountd on the rear of the
frequency (rf) wattmeter and a meter switch (fig.
receiver-transmitter with four retaining screws
1-5). The reflectometer is connected to the air-
and forces air through the external cores of the two
craft antenna through a connector on the upper
receiver-transmitter exceeds 95F. The external
right side of the reflectometer, and to the re-
em. Power is applied to the external blower
ceiver-transmitter through a pendant cable and
through an internal connector. The blower oper-
connector on the bottom of the reflectometer.
ates only when the internal temperature of the
1-14. Additional Equipment Required
receiver-transmitter exceeds 95F. The external
blower is equipped with a removable air filter.
The items listed below are not supplied as a
One-ampere fuse F1 for the external blower motor
part of the radio set but are required for its
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