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Page Title: How to Locate Repair Parts
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TM 11-5820-401-35-1/NAVELEX 0967-LP-432-3021
measure differs from the unit of issue, the lowest unit
(3) Recoverability code. Recoverability codes are
assigned to support items to indicate the disposition
of issue that will satisfy the required units of mea-
action on unserviceable items. The recoverability
sure will be requisitioned.
code is entered in the fifth position of the Uniform
h. Quantity Incorporated in Unit. Indicates the
SMR Code format as follows:
quantity of the item used in the breakout shown on
the illustration figure, which is prepared for a func-
tional group, subfunctional group, or an assembly.
Z -  Nonreparable item. When unserviceable,
B-4. Special Information
condemn and dispose at the level indicated
in position 3.
Not applicable.
L -  Reparable item. Repair, condemnation, and
disposal not authorized below depot/
B-5. How to Locate Repair Parts
specialized repair activity level.
a. When National stock number or part number is
c. National Stock Number. Indicates the National
(1) First. Using the table of contents, determine
stock number assigned to the item and will be used
the functional group within which the repair part
for requisitioning purposes.
belongs. This is necessary since illustrations are pre-
d. Part Number. Indicates the primary number
pared for functional groups and listings are divided
used by the manufacturer (individual, company,
into the same groups.
firm, corporation, or Government activity), which
(2) Second. Find the illustration covering the
controls the design and characteristics of the item by
functional group to which the repair part belongs.
means of its engineering drawings, specifications
(3) Third. Identify the repair part on the illustra-
standards, and inspection requirements, to identify
tion and note the illustration figure and item number
an item or range of items.
of the repair part.
(4) Fourth. Using the Repair Parts Listing, find
When a stock numbered item is re-
the figure and item number noted on the illustration.
quisitioned, the repair part received may
b. When National stock number or part number is
have a different part number than the part
being replaced.
(1) First. Using the Index of National Stock
Numbers and Part Numbers, find the pertinent Na-
e. Federal Supply Code for Manufacturer (FSCM).
tional stock number or part number. This index is in
The FSCM is a 5-digit numeric code listed in SB
ascending NIIN sequence followed by a list of part
708-42 which is used to identify the manufacturer,
numbers in ascending alphameric sequence, cross-
distributor, or Government agency, etc.
referenced to the illustration figure number and
f. Description. Indicates the Federal item name
item number.
and, if required, a minimum description to identify
(2) Second. After finding the figure and item
the item.
number, locate the figure and item number in the
g. Unit of Measure (U/M). Indicates the standard of
repair parts list.
the basic quantity of the listed item as used in per-
forming the actual maintenance function. This mea-
B-6. Abbreviations
sure is-expressed by a two-character alphabetical
abbreviation (e.g., ea, in, pr, etc.). When the unit of
Not applicable
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