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Page Title: Other Directives.
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of individual like items in the lot that is to be
Refinishing Repaired Signal
b. Sampling Procedure.
TB SIG 355-3
Depot Inspection Standard for
Moisture and Fungus Resistant
(1) Sample selection. Select samples of ma-
terial in a way which will assure that each unit
TB SIG 355-4
Depot Inspection Standard for Bal-
in the lot has an equal chance of being selected.
ancing Rotating Parts and As-
Biased methods, such as selecting items from the
same position in a container, pallet, or stacks; tak-
TB 750-236
Calibration Requirements for the
ing items all from one location; or selecting items
Maintenance of Army Material.
that appear defective, will not be utilized.
TM 38-750
The Army Maintenance Manage-
ment System (TAMMS).
(2) Sample size. Use table I, MIL-STD-
TM 11-5821-244-12
Operator and Organizational Main-
105D, General Inspection Level II, to obtain sam-
tenance Manual Radio Set AN/
ple size code letter and table II-A, MIL-STD-
105D to obtain the sample size utilizing the
TM 11-5821-244-20P  Organizational Maintenance Re-
storage quality level shown in (3) below.
pair Parts and Special Tool List
Radio Set AN/ARC-54.
(3) Storage quality levels (SQL).
DS, GS, and Depot Maintenance
TM 11-5821-244-35
(a) Mechanical-visual inspection: Critical
Manual Radio Set AN/ARC-54.
SQL 1.0 percent; major SQL 2.5 percent; minor
TM 11-5821-244-35P  DS, GS and Depot Maintenance
SQL 10 percent.
Repair Parts and Special Tool
(b) Electrical: Critical SQL 1.0 percent;
Lists Radio Set AN/ARC-54.
major SQL 2.5 percent.
5. Other Directives.
(c) Preservation, packaging, packing, and
marking: major SQL 4.0 percent; minor SQL 10
General Policies and Principles for
AR 795-17
Furnishing Army Material on a
(d) The acceptance or reject number for
Grant Aid Basis.
the above SQL's shall be the same as those shown
AR 795-204
General Policies and Principles for
Furnishing Defense Articles and
for comparable acceptance quality levels (AQL's)
Services on a Sale or Loan Basis.
in table IIA of MIL-STD-105D.
c. Inspection Requirements. The following me-
6. Inspection Criteria. a. Lot Criteria.
chanical-visual inspections shall be performed.
(1) Lot definition. A lot is defined as a group
(1) Inspect equipment covers and f rent pan-
of like items from which a sample is to be drawn
els for condition of finish and panel markings.
and inspected to determine conformance with the
acceptability criteria. The following are examples:
(2) Inspect for dents, punctures, or warped
(a) A group of like items in storage which
was received in a shipment with the following
(3) Inspect springlock fasteners and recep-
identical markings:
1. Purchase order number.
(4) Inspect external surfaces for loose or
2. Data packaged or packed.
missing screws or washers.
3. Depot certification stamp and date.
(5) Inspect receptacles for condition of pins,
(b) A group of like items repaired or re-
contacts, and mounting, and foreign particles.
built by the Maintenance Division in one produc-
tion run.
(6) Inspect air filters and air outlet.
(2) Lot formation. The items shall be as-
(7) Operate all controls through all their
sembled into identifiable lots. Each lot shall, as
positions (do not disturb screwdriver adjust-
far as practicable, consist of units of product of a
ments). Controls shall operate smoothly with no
single type, grade, class, size, and composition
binding. Control knobs shall be tight on their
manufactured, repaired, or rebuilt at the same
shafts with no missing or loose hardware.
time and stored under the same conditions. It is
(8) Operate receiver-transmitter unit lock-
recommended that equipment from different lim-
ing handles. The locking handle shall operate
ited production buys be placed in different lots and
smoothly and the locking handle catch shall se-
that the equipment serial numbers, by limited pro-
cure the handle properly.
duction buy, be used as lot information criteria.
(9) Inspect the meter; it shall be clean and -
(3) Lot size. The lot size is the total number
free of damage.

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